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descriptionKalle's patches for review
last changeTue, 4 Aug 2009 00:11:16 +0000 (4 03:11 +0300)
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Kalle Olavi Niemitalo's ELinks changes waiting to be reviewed. Branches here may be deleted or rebased without notice.
2009-08-04 Kalle Olavi... bug 771: Remember whether navigation was requested... 0.12/bug771
2009-08-03 Kalle Olavi... ecmascript: Remove unneeded #includes
2009-08-03 Kalle Olavi... ecmascript: Move struct delayed_open and related functions
2009-08-03 Kalle Olavi... Share location_goto between SpiderMonkey and SEE
2009-07-25 Kalle Olavi... Don't retry get_window_title
2009-07-24 Kalle Olavi... Bug 943: Refuse user JS actions in unfocused tabs
2009-07-24 Kalle Olavi... download: Add DOWNLOAD_EXTERNAL flag
2009-07-24 Kalle Olavi... download: Rename download_resume to download_flags
2009-07-23 Kalle Olavi... download: Make BitTorrent's tp_show_header static
2009-07-23 Kalle Olavi... download: Document the rest of struct type_query
2009-07-23 Kalle Olavi... download: Use add_dlg_checkbox
2009-07-21 Kalle Olavi... Bug 770: Comment updates
2009-07-20 Kalle Olavi... lookup_unique_name: Handle NULL from msg_box
2009-07-20 Kalle Olavi... lookup_unique_name: Remove always true condition
2009-07-20 Kalle Olavi... lookup_unique_name: Merge error handling
2009-07-20 Kalle Olavi... lookup_unique_name: Handle NULL from expand_tilde
9 years ago 0.12/bug771
9 years ago 0.13/bug1075