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last changeSat, 29 Jul 2023 21:52:29 +0000 (29 22:52 +0100)
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This repository is intended to be a central place for many window maker ( dockapps which were not actively maintained anymore. Suggestions to add more dockapps as well as patches are welcome. Most of these dockapps are very old and can definitely profit from cleanups.
2023-07-29 Brahmajit DasFix building with clang 16master
2023-06-18 Jeremy Sowdenwmusic: bump version to 2.1.1 and update change-log
2023-06-18 Jeremy Sowdenwmusic: fix overflow when calculating remaing track...
2023-06-18 Jeremy Sowdenwmusic: divide time once in `DrawTime`.
2023-06-18 Jeremy Sowdenwmusic: use appropriate variable names for track positions
2023-06-18 Jeremy Sowdenwmusic: use appropriate variables and function names...
2023-03-18 David Maciejakwmressel: fix refresh rate check and add interlace...
2023-02-15 David RobertssonFixed build error on missing libiconv
2023-02-10 David RobertssonUpdated deps error info
2023-02-09 David RobertssonMakefile cleanup - wmSMPmon
2023-02-09 David RobertssonChanged path for man-file installation
2023-02-09 David RobertssonFixed make install/uninstall
2023-02-02 David RobertssonUpdate README - Download link out of date.
2023-01-24 Torrance, Douglaswmcalclockkbd: Move variable definitions from xutil...
2023-01-23 Torrance, Douglaswmarchup: Add X11 linker flags
2023-01-23 Torrance, Douglaswmarchup: Fix path to libdockapp header
15 months ago wmbattery-2.56
15 months ago wmbattery-2.55
2 years ago wmressel-0.10
2 years ago wmsun-1.06
2 years ago wmmixer-1.9
3 years ago wmxres-1.4
3 years ago wmxres-1.3
3 years ago wmcore-0.0.4
3 years ago libdockapp-0.7.3
3 years ago wmacpi-2.4
3 years ago wmbattery-2.54
3 years ago wmbattery-2.53
3 years ago wmbattery-2.52
3 years ago fookb-4.1
4 years ago wmix-3.4
4 years ago wmbiff-0.4.35
8 weeks ago master