descriptionMerge a copy-on-write exception table back into the source
last changeSun, 11 Oct 2009 14:15:02 +0000 (11 16:15 +0200)
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dm-merge is a simple tool to apply changes recorded in a copy-on-write exception table. It can be effectively used to either "commit" the changes into the source (as made with simple snapshot target) or "rollback" (reverting to a state the snapshot was created; as made with snapshot linked to snapshot-origin target). And while LVM snapshots are simply (maybe not so simply, actually) the latter case, it can revert a logical volume to the exact state it was when the snapshot was taken.
2009-10-11 hondzaForce input_length and output_length to be uint64_t... master
2009-02-08 hondzaMention '-x' in README.
2009-01-23 hondzaIntroducing relaxed mode.
2009-01-03 hondzaBLKFLSBUF only if it is a block device. +sync()
2008-12-31 hondzaFixed a typo in README.
2008-12-31 hondzaInitial commit.
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