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Debian Code Search (DCS) is a search engine for source code — it searches all the open source projects which are included in the Debian archive (the "main" distribution only, not non-free or contrib). Currently, that includes about 18000 packages with 140 GiB of source code.

The search engine itself is based on Russ Cox’ codesearch tools, meaning it uses Regular Expressions as input. Like the codesearch tools, it was implemented in Go.

2018-09-28 Michael Stapelbergremove unused rackspace.png (rackspace.svg is used)master
2018-09-06 Michael StapelbergServe package list as plain text by default
2018-06-16 Zero KingUpdate link to codesearch tools (#93)
2018-04-10 Michael StapelbergUse \Q…\E escape to construct a verbatim package: match
2018-03-13 Michael StapelbergPass query to /events via URL parameter
2018-02-22 Michael StapelbergBugfix: construct redirect URLs using net/url
2018-01-21 Michael Stapelbergbust caches for previous commit
2018-01-21 intrigeriPhrase the error message when there's no result in...
2018-01-03 Michael StapelbergTurn package and -package keywords into a regexp
2017-12-03 Michael Stapelbergs/
2017-11-25 Michael Stapelbergdcs-localdcs: fix metric polling, wait for merge
2017-10-30 Michael Stapelbergbump cache buster for previous commit
2017-10-30 Michael Stapelbergremove erroneously present ppanimation class from ...
2017-10-01 Michael StapelbergFix /instantws handler (Thanks jwilk)
2017-09-12 Michael StapelbergTurn Files into a streaming RPC, reduce maximum message...
2017-09-11 Michael StapelbergUpdate vendor/ for the last commit
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