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2011-06-29 U-eyolf-PC... Merge branch 'master' of git://
2011-06-16 U-eyolf-PC... Commit before semantic cleanup for drupal migration
2011-05-30 Eyolf ØstremMinor edits
2010-03-24 Heinrich KuettlerMe fail HTML? That's unpossible!
2010-03-24 Heinrich KuettlerSmall fixes
2010-01-29 eyolfSuze complete; small changes to Barabara and Wichita
2010-01-18 eyolfSuze corrections. Some Ryan Adams songs
2010-01-14 eyolfUpdates to Corrina, Suze, Love-0.
2009-12-29 eyolfInterlude to love-zero; correction in KOHD
2009-12-27 eyolfAdded tab to Love-0; correction in Christmas blues
2009-12-15 eyolfUpdated the zip file; minor changes.
2009-12-14 eyolfTypos in CitH files.
2009-12-12 eyolfMerge branch 'master' of git://
2009-12-12 eyolfAdded the extended intro to CitH
2009-12-12 Heinrich KuettlerReplaced unicode characters with HTML entities
2009-12-11 eyolfChord chart box experiment; rss feed on front page
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