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An XML parser written in Common Lisp.

Closure XML was written by Gilbert Baumann as part of the Closure web browser and is now maintained by David Lichteblau. It is licensed under Lisp-LGPL.

CXML implements a namespace-aware, validating XML 1.0 parser as well as the DOM Level 2 Core interfaces. Two parser interfaces are offered, one SAX-like, the other similar to StAX.

Send bug reports to (list information).

2011-06-08 David LichteblauFix/add documentation for klacks:list-attributes, get... master
2011-04-27 David LichteblauWorkarounds fuer Probleme beim Kompilieren unter Allegro
2011-04-27 Jan Idzikowskiuri-to-pathname angepasst, decode in path (z.b. %20)
2010-10-06 David LichteblauFix cxml.asd for cmucl with unicode
2010-09-04 David Lichteblausubclass catalog-parser from sax:default-handler, patch...
2010-06-13 David LichteblauAttempt to port to ASDF2 -- tested only on ASDF1 though
2010-06-13 David LichteblauRemove the at-system-definition-load-time closure-commo...
2010-06-13 David LichteblauRemove a bogus declare ignore
2009-03-11 David Lichteblaufixed type of sysid in klacks:serialize-event
2008-11-30 David Lichteblauvarious docstrings; release
2008-06-07 David LichteblauWorkaround for :up pathnames, thanks to Pierre Mai
2008-06-07 David LichteblauSupport for various windows codepages, thanks to Pierre Mai
2008-05-19 David Lichteblaumoved find-output-encoding to closure-common, thanks...
2008-05-16 David Lichteblaunew test case
2008-04-26 David LichteblauFixed condition class in not-wellformed document with...
2008-04-13 David LichteblauOutput encoding support, using Babel
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