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descriptionEric Blake's GNU coreutils patches
last changeWed, 14 Mar 2012 15:23:40 +0000 (14 09:23 -0600)
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Patches which have not yet matured enough to migrate to the master repository, but which I want to track between multiple machines.

Feel free to push your own anonymous patches to the mob branch without needing any password:

git push +committish:mob

but if you want me to do anything with your patch, you should then tell what you pushed.

2012-03-14 Eric Blaketest: expose recent gnulib canonicalize bugmaster
2012-03-14 Paul Eggerttests: new discriminator-based test for sort -n and -h
2012-03-10 Jérémy Compostelladirname: support more than one argument
2012-03-10 Jérémy Compostellasplit: support an arbitrary number of split files by...
2012-03-09 Jérémy Compostelladoc: add missing documentation for basename -z
2012-03-09 Bernhard Voelkermaint: fix a version number typo in NEWS
2012-03-09 Paul Eggertchmod: add notations +40, 00440, etc.
2012-03-09 Paul Eggertbuild: update gnulib submodule to latest
2012-03-08 Jim Meyeringdu: fix -x: don't ignore non-directory arguments
2012-03-07 Jim Meyeringmaint: use an optimal-for-coreutils xz compression...
2012-03-07 Jérémy Compostellabasename: support more than one argument
2012-03-06 Pádraig Bradymaint: refactor copy to use is_nul()
2012-03-02 Pádraig Bradytests: work around a block alignment issue in dd/sparse
2012-02-29 Rodrigo Camposdoc: timeout: document the exit status when run with...
2012-02-29 Bernhard Voelkertests: compile and link shared object with $CC to make...
2012-02-29 Roman Rybalkodd: add support for the conv=sparse option
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