switched to Let's Encrypt for its TLS certificates. This means that we no longer issue the site's certificates ourselves. If you have configured your browser or your Git client to only trust the old CA, access to the site will be broken. Please configure your clients to trust the Let's Encrypt CA instead. SSH access should be unaffected by the change. is a public Git hosting site. Create a project in a snap, publish your development, give others push access and let anyone have a look and contribute. Alternatively, if you just see a random git:// URL fly by and want to check it out, or you have limited bandwidth or want backup - just quickly set up a mirror of any project published elsewhere and we will provide pull and gitweb access for the project, or send you notifications when new stuff gets committed. (read more, terms of use) (want to help?)

The service is maintained by the admin team as a public service for the Git community, please contact with any requests, proposals, issues or patches - the underlying engine is fully open-source and easy to deploy. Or you may be also interested in other Git hosting sites.

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How to grab a project? Simply git clone git://
Then, repeat git pull to update to the latest version of the project.
See the The Git Homepage for more details about Git and its usage.
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