descriptionComputations under control - cgroup-based control of publicly limitable and stopable tasks
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**Computations under control** will run a specificed program as
a non-interactive computation process, allowing it to be listed
and regulated by the user of the computer.

To avoid needless use of setuid, it uses a simple client-server
architecture. On boot, compctld daemon is started (as root),
sets up the cgroup infrastructure and accepts requests from clients
for moving a process to cgroup, killing a cgroup'd process and
tweaking the cgroup limits.

The client compctl interface simply queries the server using
a synchronous protocol over a UNIX socket. First, the client
sends a command string message coupled with a SCM_CREDENTIALS
ancilliary message. Then, it receives a reply message.
Connection is closed immediately on breach of protocol.

You can tweak some simple compile-time configuration variables
in file 'common.h'. Build everything using the `make` command.
Then, arrange compctld to be run on boot and put compctl in $PATH
for your users to enjoy.
2012-04-12 Petr Baudis/etc/compctl-unlimited control file supportmaster
2012-03-20 Petr Baudiscompctl-1.0compctl-1.0
2012-03-19 Petr Baudiscompctl: Fail more gracefully if ran on a non-compctld...
2012-03-19 Petr Baudiscommon.h: Add #define ADMINCONTACT for easy customization
2012-03-18 Petr Baudisstop -> kill, pointed out by mj to be less confusing
2012-03-18 Petr Baudiscompctld: Do not require 15bit pid
2012-03-16 Petr Baudiscgroup_set_mem_limit(): Fix increasing the memory limit
2012-03-16 Petr Baudisdebian/compctl.init: Fix stopping daemon
2012-03-16 Petr BaudisAdd debian packaging
2012-03-16 Petr BaudisMakefile: A straightforward install rule
2012-03-16 Petr BaudisLICENCE: MIT licence
2012-03-16 Petr Baudiscompctl.1: Simple manual page
2012-03-16 Petr Baudiscompctl limit_mem(): Print an explanation in case of...
2012-03-16 Petr Baudiscgroup_add_task(), cgroup_set_mem_limit*(): More carefu...
2012-03-16 Petr BaudisAdd support for the memsw limits that limit memory...
2012-03-16 Petr Baudiscommon.h: Convert some unnecessary variables to macros
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