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                     cmus - C* Music Player

	 Copyright 2004-2008 Timo Hirvonen <>


List available optional features

  $ ./configure --help

Auto-detect everything

  $ ./configure

To disable some feature, arts for example, and install to $HOME run

  $ ./configure prefix=$HOME CONFIG_ARTS=n

After running configure you can see from the generated file
what features have been configured in (see the CONFIG_* options).

NOTE: For some distributions you need to install development versions
of the dependencies.  For example if you want to use 'mad' input plugin
(mp3) you need to install libmad0-dev (Debian) or libmad-devel (RPM)
package. After installing dependencies you need to run ./configure
again, of course.

If you want to use the Tremor library as alternative for decoding
Ogg/Vorbis files you have to pass CONFIG_TREMOR=y to the configure


The Tremor library is supposed to be used on hardware that has no FPU.


  $ make

Or on some BSD systems you need to explicitly use GNU make:

  $ gmake


  $ make install

Or to install to a temporary directory:

  $ make install DESTDIR=/tmp/cmus

This is useful when creating binary packages.

Remember to replace 'make' with 'gmake' if needed.

Mailing List

To subscribe to visit

The list is open but moderated (you can post to the list without
subscribing but it's not recommended because I have to accept each email
form non-subscribed users).  Traffic of the list is low.

Reporting Bugs

After a crash send bug report with last lines of /tmp/cmus-debug (or
$TMPDIR/cmus-debug) to  The file
exists only if you configured cmus with maximum debug level
(./configure DEBUG=2).

GIT Repository

clone:  git:// cmus


cmus uses the Linux kernel coding style.  Use hard tabs. Tabs are
_always_ 8 characters wide.  Keep the style consistent with rest of the

Use git format-patch to generate patches from your commits.
Alternatively you can use "diff -up" if you don't want to use git.
2008-06-01 Timo Hirvonenflac: Saner EOF handlingmaster
2008-05-24 Timo HirvonenAdd --show-cursor command line option
2008-05-24 Timo HirvonenRemove fuzzy artist name fixing, add fuzzy_artist_sort...
2008-05-17 Timo Hirvonencmus-remote: Document search
2008-05-17 Timo HirvonenDocument update-cache command
2008-05-17 Timo HirvonenDocument cmus-remote -Q
2008-05-17 dead_orcMake cmus-remote -Q export options related to replay...
2008-05-17 Timo HirvonenHandle streams separately in tree_add_track()
2008-05-17 Timo HirvonenSimplify finding artist name which is displayed in...
2008-05-17 Timo HirvonenUpdate tree window after changing artist name
2008-05-17 Gregory Petrosyantree: smarter artist naming and sorting [2/2]
2008-05-17 Gregory Petrosyantree: smarter artist naming and sorting [1/2]
2008-05-12 Timo HirvonenFix off-by-one bug in gbuf_addf()
2008-05-11 Timo HirvonenFix the fix to the ffmpeg configure check
2008-05-11 Timo HirvonenCheck if real-time scheduling is supported
2008-05-07 Timo HirvonenFix configure check for ffmpeg header file
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