descriptionCommon Lisp CFFI bindings to glfw
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A public domain set of CFFI bindings and convenience macros for the GLFW, GLU and OpenGL libraries.

The OpenGL bindings are automatically generated from the (supposedly) canonical spec-files from




2012-06-24 Bill RobinsonFix for callbacks under windows from Andrew Lyon.master
2012-06-24 Bill RobinsonMake a named block for do-window so you can return...
2012-04-08 Lori HoldenWhen glfw is not compiled as a framework, load the...
2011-06-20 Bill RobinsonError string can be translated into a string ok.
2011-06-19 Bill RobinsonFixed export declarations on cl-glfw-opengl package.
2011-06-19 Bill RobinsonExtension enumerations now only included where necessary.
2011-06-19 Bill RobinsonNeed to export the extension loader
2011-06-18 Bill RobinsonFixed dll name on windows
2011-06-17 Bill RobinsonRe-ran generator for OpenGL 4.1 and new extensions
2011-06-12 Bill RobinsonWindows fixes.
2011-02-20 Bill RobinsonAdded all of the window hints to the open-window functi...
2011-02-02 Bill RobinsonFolded in some ftgl improvements from Cowl
2011-02-01 Bill RobinsonIgnore some temp files
2011-02-01 Bill RobinsonAdded FTGL for convenience
2011-01-05 Bill RobinsonUpdated for GLFW 2.7
2011-01-05 Bill RobinsonHack to make it work with CCL
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11 years ago 0.2
11 years ago 0.1 cl-glfw initial 0.1 release: ...
7 years ago master
8 years ago better-extensions-support
11 years ago bills-disconnected-radical-init-and-callback-stuff
11 years ago new-cffi-foreign-types
11 years ago mob
11 years ago ecl-changes
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