descriptionCase Insensitive On Purpose File System
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ciopfs is a fuse file system that mounts a directory on a regular file system in case insensitive fashion.
2012-07-12 Marc Andre... Print a warning if the underlying filesystem doesnn... master
2011-06-18 Marc Andre... Set version to 0.4v0.4
2011-06-18 Marc Andre... Add testsuite
2011-06-17 Marc Andre... Simplify error handling
2011-06-17 Marc Andre... Fix {get,list}xattr
2011-04-25 Marc Andre... Remove unnecessary variable initializations
2011-04-25 Jon SeverinssonDon't trust that nothing change errno after the fact.
2011-04-25 Jon SeverinssonCorrect erroneous comment regarding realpath availability
2011-04-25 Jon Severinssonsymlink: do not transform the symlink target string
2010-09-25 Marc Andre... Set version to 0.3v0.3
2010-09-25 Marc Andre... readdir: don't process everything in one go
2010-09-25 Marc Andre... stat: switch to user context
2010-09-25 Marc Andre... Implement opendir and releasedir
2010-06-02 Marc Andre... ascii: fix off by one which causes a segfault (Philip...
2010-06-02 Marc Andre... Rename {enter,leave}_user_context
2010-06-02 Marc Andre... Introduce {enter,leave}_user_context_real and use it...
7 years ago v0.4 ciopfs version 0.4
8 years ago v0.3 ciopfs version 0.3
10 years ago v0.2 ciopfs version 0.2
10 years ago v0.1 ciopfs version 0.1
6 years ago master