descriptionA console/ncurses chess engine frontend and PGN editor.
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CBoard is a Console/Curses PGN file browser, editor and interface to chess engines supporting the XBoard protocol. It supports SAN move format with annotations including RAV, NAG, single and multi-line comments along with the FEN tag which can be edited by arranging pieces on the board. It can also validate and save to (optionally reduced) PGN format. Multiple games (human/human, human/engine, engine/engine) can be loaded, created, searched and edited. You can also customize the key bindings and create macros.
2018-09-28 Ben KibbeyBump version for development.master
2018-09-28 Ben KibbeyVersion 0.7.5.v0.7.5
2018-09-27 Ben Kibbeydebian: Install to PREFIX/games.
2018-09-27 Ben Kibbeydebian: Add libperl-dev to Build-Depends.
2018-09-22 Ben KibbeyAdd command name to duplicate key error.
2018-09-22 Ben KibbeyPrevent defining duplicate keys in a macro.
2018-09-22 Ben KibbeyFix macros that change game modes.
2018-09-22 Ben KibbeyFix some places to use internal allocators.
2018-09-17 Ben KibbeyAdd copy_game_fen.
2018-09-17 Ben Kibbeyedit: Reset enpassant square when already set.
2018-09-17 Ben KibbeyFix showing false attacking pieces.
2018-09-17 Ben Kibbeyedit: Fix inserting black king.
2018-09-17 Ben Kibbeyedit: fix piece insert prompt.
2018-09-16 Ben KibbeyAdd "engine_timeout" configuration parameter.
2018-09-16 Ben KibbeyUse sigaction() rather than signal().
2018-09-11 Ben KibbeyHave automake use LDADD rather than LDFLAGS.
4 months ago v0.7.5 CBoard version 0.7.5.
7 months ago v0.7.4 CBoard version 0.7.4.
4 years ago v0.7.3 CBoard version 0.7.3.
4 years ago v0.7.2 CBoard version 0.7.2.
5 years ago v0.7.1 CBoard version 0.7.1.
5 years ago v0.7.0 CBoard version 0.7.0.
6 years ago v0.6.1 Release
7 years ago v0.6 Release
11 years ago v0.5 Release
11 years ago v0.4 Release
11 years ago v0.3 Release
12 years ago v0.2.4 Release
12 years ago v0.2.3 Release
12 years ago v0.2.2 Release
12 years ago v0.2.1 Release
12 years ago v0.2.0 Release
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