descriptionThe AROS cake. Goodness baked in, have it and eat it too. Delicious!
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2009-07-07 robdefine __KERNEL_STRICT_NAMES to avoid inclusion of... master
2009-07-06 mazzeImproved layout calculation.
2009-07-06 rob@o1i: get off my lawn
2009-07-06 neilPrint all of flags register again.
2009-07-06 neilDo not use AttemptSemaphore() from RawPutChar(), since...
2009-07-06 tchekoA localised string was missing in the first window...
2009-07-06 tchekoFinished localization of sereditor.c
2009-07-06 tchekoAll strings are localised in wpeditor.c
2009-07-06 platon42Added kernel module for starting the usb stack at boot...
2009-07-06 platon42Return of the Automounting code by Thore Böckelmann.
2009-07-06 platon42IPTR and endianess fixes in hid.class.
2009-07-06 platon42Added "support" for the 64 bit data structures of EHCI...
2009-07-06 platon42Fix for AddDosNode(): When using ADNF_STARTPROC DeviceP...
2009-07-06 o1imc680000 -> mc68000 ;)
2009-07-06 robforce a newline after showerror writes to debug
2009-07-06 robsend showerror output to kernel log if neither dos...
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