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"Blorb" is a nonsense word from a popular early 1980s work of IF called Enchanter where it was the name of a magic spell whose purpose was to "safely protect a small object as though in a strong box." In the late 1990s, the name was borrowed for a standard format for what might be called the wrapping and packaging of IF. A typical Blorb archive produced by Inform contains the "story file" -- the actual program for the game -- together with its library card and cover art.

-- Graham Nelson in Writing with Inform

This program uses that cover art to generate thumbnail previews for GNOME's file manager. It works with Nautilus (in GNOME 2 and GNOME 3) and Unity (in Ubuntu 10.10+).

2012-06-22 Lewis Gentrya few words about media typesmastermob
2012-03-08 Lewis Gentrybump version
2012-03-07 Lewis GentryGConf madness to support installing to home directory
2012-03-07 Lewis Gentrysimplify installation by assuming GNOME 3
2012-03-07 Lewis GentryMIME-type magic to catch blorbs without extensions
2011-11-28 Lewis Gentrymore top-level folders in further attempt at organization
2011-11-21 Lewis Gentrygive source files a directory of their own
2011-11-20 Lewis Gentryrearrange linked libraries to survive --as-needed
2011-05-28 Lewis Gentrybump version
2011-05-27 Lewis Gentrymakefile fixes
2011-05-26 Lewis Gentryre-segregate debian packaging headache
2011-05-26 Lewis Gentryremove redundant manifest
2011-05-26 Lewis Gentrydetect GNOME version and install appropriately
2011-05-26 Lewis Gentryadd desktop registration for GNOME 3
2011-02-23 Lewis Gentryintegrate debian packaging
2011-02-21 Lewis Gentryremove vestigial XFCE config file
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