descriptionBeanstalkd is a fast, distributed, in-memory workqueue service. Its interface is generic, but was designed for use in reducing the latency of page views in high-volume web applications by running most time-consuming tasks asynchronously.
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This is beanstalkd, a fast, general-purpose work queue.

See for general info.

To build beanstalkd, type ./configure then make.

To install, copy the file "beanstalkd" anywhere you like.

2018-08-19 Isaac JuradoProperly catch and report getaddrinfo() errorsmaster
2018-08-19 qinguanridelete unused function. It's defined but never used.
2018-08-19 Philip PrindevilleTravis: stifle progress on git clone
2018-08-19 amyfix critical translation error
2018-08-19 Philip PrindevilleFix headers for MUSL compatibility
2018-08-19 Philip PrindevilleUse ftruncate() as it's much more portable (#341)
2017-12-23 Edward BettsCorrect spelling mistake. (#370)
2017-12-05 Rain MiaoUpdate (#369)
2017-11-27 ChoHagReport bound port correctly
2017-09-26 Tony Dengstyle(1.10): 修复beanstalkd中文版协议在github上Markdown标题格式不规范问题...
2016-04-12 Alexandre Bonnetainshrink the hashmap when it's too sparse
2016-04-04 dkmccandlessDocument stats-job values delay and ttr in Chinese
2016-04-04 Keith Rarickadd contribution guidelines
2016-04-04 Keith Rarickremove markdown version of protocol.txt
2016-04-04 Jens Rantiladd indentation to protocol.txt for readability
2016-04-04 Jens Rantildocument SIGUSR1 to enter drain mode
4 years ago v1.10 beanstalkd version 1.10
5 years ago dev1.10
5 years ago v1.9 beanstalkd version 1.9
5 years ago dev1.9
6 years ago v1.8 This is beanstalkd version 1.8.
6 years ago dev1.8
6 years ago v1.7 This is beanstalkd version 1.7...
6 years ago v1.6 This is beanstalkd version 1.6...
6 years ago v1.5 This is beanstalkd version 1.5...
8 years ago v1.4.6 This is a security fix and bugfix...
8 years ago v1.4.5 This is a mostly bugfix release.
8 years ago v1.4.4 This is a bugfix release.
9 years ago v1.4.3 This is a bugfix release.
9 years ago v1.4.2 Here is beanstalkd 1.4.2.
9 years ago v1.4.1 Here is beanstalkd 1.4.1.
9 years ago v1.4 Okay, beanstalkd 1.4 is ready.
5 months ago master
6 years ago fiu