descriptionKeyboard handler for Blackbox
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last changeTue, 26 Jun 2007 18:02:33 +0000 (26 13:02 -0500)
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The 'bbkeys' program handles keyboard events for the Blackbox window manager, and is meant to be a general
2007-06-26 Art HaasLower the AC_PREREQ version 2.59master
2007-06-16 Art HaasRemove .cvsignore
2007-06-14 Art Haasadd 'bootstrap' script
2007-06-14 Art HaasRemove Makefile.cvs
2007-06-11 Art HaasAdd AC_PREREQ to; slight reformat of AS_HE...
2007-06-11 Art HaasAdding .gitignore files
2007-06-11 Art HaasUse AS_HELP_STRING macro for --enable-debug option
2007-06-11 Art HaasModernize ''
2007-06-08 Art HaasAdd missing '#include' statments for GCC-4.3 compilation
2005-08-03 Jason Kasperwhoops. bug in man page caught, thanks to xed. =;)
2005-07-11 Jason Kasper- fix for bracket-parsing bug, thanks to Bernhard Fischer
2005-06-05 Jason Kasper - including modified patch from Ciprian. This gives...
2005-06-04 Jason Kaspermoving to common Makefile.cvs instead of bootstrap
2005-03-17 Jason Kasper- patch from Stefan Farfeleder...
2005-03-05 Jason Kaspershould be done now. rpm builds successfully, I thinkRELEASE_0_9_0
2005-03-05 Jason Kasper- rpm stuff coming in again
unknown sync-080-1
unknown start
unknown rel-084
unknown rel-083
unknown rel-082
unknown rel-081
unknown rel-080
unknown branch_0_90-pre
unknown bbkeys-old-final-before-ng
unknown START
unknown RELEASE_0_9_0
11 years ago master