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Here, you find a fork for my personnal contribution to Barry project.

First, you have to install Barry from this fork repository (you can add GUI and OpenSync feature) :
$ cd /usr/local/src
$ git clone git:// barry
$ cd barry
$ ./
$ ./configure
$ make
$ make install

Now, go into your work directory where are your ".debug" files. You can also copy your ".debug" files generated by RIM's JDE in your current path :
$ cd ~
$ mkdir Project
$ cp <.debug files> .
$ bjdwp localhost 8000

Then, from a JDB client :
$ jdb -connect com.sun.jdi.SocketAttach:hostname=localhost,port=8000

2012-06-05 Nicolas VIVIENtools: add playbook driver switchmaster
2012-05-25 Chris Freylib: added NICKNAME support to vcard, and therefore...
2012-05-24 Chris Freydoc: updated ReleaseChecklist.txt
2012-05-24 Chris FreyRevert "debian: added support for hardened builds"
2012-05-24 Chris Freylib: added handling and checks for negative VEVENT...
2012-05-24 Chris Freylib: replace month normalization code with mktime(...
2012-05-24 Chris Freylib: remove some of the copious calls to localtime_r...
2012-05-24 Chris Freylib: fixed RecurBase class's Dump output, to use decima...
2012-05-24 Chris Freylib: improved error message reporting in
2012-05-24 Chris Freylib: added warning checks for unsupported recursion...
2012-05-24 Chris Freylib: fixed Interval handling, in case of negative input...
2012-05-24 Chris Freylib: added DaysInMonth() utility function
2012-05-24 Chris Freydesktop: EvoCfgDlg: add default path option, and show...
2012-05-24 Chris Freydesktop: fixed Evolution config writing, setting enable...
2012-05-23 Chris Freydesktop: added concept of configured PST type mask
2012-05-23 Chris Freydesktop: fixed bug that deleted device name if saving...
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