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ALURE is a utility library to help manage common tasks with OpenAL applications. This includes device enumeration and initialization, file loading, and streaming.
2018-09-20 Chris RobinsonUpdate minimp3master
2018-09-20 Chris RobinsonUpdate dr_flac
2018-09-04 Chris RobinsonUpdate dr_flac
2018-08-23 Chris RobinsonCorrectly order some ignore calls
2018-08-23 Chris RobinsonUpdate travis to not install with libFLAC or libmpg123
2018-08-23 Chris RobinsonUpdate readme
2018-08-23 Chris RobinsonRemove the libmpg123 decoder
2018-08-23 Chris RobinsonUse decodeFrame in more places it's useful
2018-08-23 Chris RobinsonGet an accurate stream length from minimp3
2018-08-22 Chris RobinsonUpdate to the latest minimp3
2018-08-22 Chris RobinsonFix for MiniMP3 with NEON intrinsics
2018-08-22 Chris RobinsonAdd cmake options to disable building the shared or...
2018-08-22 Chris RobinsonUpdate readme about built-in FLAC and MP3 support
2018-08-21 Chris RobinsonProvide the first MP3 frame when initializing the decoder
2018-08-21 Chris RobinsonAdd missing header to the repo
2018-08-21 Chris RobinsonKeep decoding audio at EOF with MiniMP3
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