descriptionAJAX CRM based on CouchDb
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2008-07-30 Henri BergiusMake the tag result list scrollable so long tags can... master
2008-07-30 Henri BergiusExample of listing only expenses after given date
2008-06-11 Eero af Heurlinbetter sanity-checking, completed stubs for tag helper...
2008-06-09 Eero af Heurlinadded possibility to include archived items via get_by_tags
2008-06-03 Eero af Heurlinmake get_by_tags actually work
2008-06-03 Eero af Heurlininclude request info on transport exception, sanity...
2008-06-03 Eero af Heurlinadd AJATUS_ROOT to include path since autoloading is...
2008-04-22 Jerry JalavaAdded two new examples.
2008-04-22 Jerry JalavaAdded possibility to add additional map_values to queries.
2008-04-22 Jerry JalavaAdded possibility add additional map_values for tag...
2008-04-22 Jerry JalavaRemoved unneeded method
2008-04-22 Jerry JalavaAdded new example "Hours To Nabaztag" which sends today...
2008-04-22 Jerry JalavaAdded possibility to do LIKE filters
2008-04-22 Jerry JalavaRenamed date helper methods. Added some more helpers
2008-04-21 Jerry JalavaUpdated the project file
2008-04-21 Jerry JalavaAdded two new actions: delete and undelete.
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