descriptionFirmware extractors for Agere Hermes I and II wireless cards
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This package contains two utilities, dump_fw and hfwget. If placed at
the root of a wl_lkm source tree, both utilities will be built with
the following command.

make -f

In any other location only hfwget will be built.


Program to dump the Agere FW image from a wl_lkm_718 source tree. The
firmware image is intended to be used with the orinoco_cs and
hermes_dld Linux driver.

Untar into the wl_lkm_718 directory and run:

make -f

This will generate two programs, dump_h1_fw and dump_h2_fw which dump
the firmware for Hermes I AP+STA and Hermes II AP+STA respectively.

To use the programs just do:

./dump_h1_fw <root>

Which will produce <root>_ap_fw.bin and <root>_sta_fw.bin.

You can use the wl_lkm_714 or wl_lkm_722 source tree instead. See
instructions in




Program to dump Lucent Station and AP images from Windows and Apple
drivers. The firmware images are intended to be used with the
orinoco_cs and hermes_dld Linux driver.

Windows drivers:
WLLUC48.SYS  (old Lucent)
WLLUC48B.SYS (Lucent)
WLAGS48B.SYS (Agere)

Apple Powerbook G3 AirPort firmware:

Compiled when building dump_fw above. Alternatively, extract into any
directory and run:

make -f hfwget

This will generate hfwget which will dump the firmware images it can
locate in the specified file. Just do:

./hfwget <path to file> <rootname>

Which will output any of:
<rootname>_sta_fw.bin Station firmware for RAM download 
<rootname>_ap_fw.bin  AP firmware for RAM download

For the Airport, you need to specify the path to the firmware image




Dave Kilroy
October 2008.
2009-01-23 Pavel RoskinFix dump_h* utilities on x86_64master
2009-01-23 Pavel RoskinAvoid accessing data beyond allocated buffer
2009-01-20 Pavel RoskinImprove the makefile
2009-01-20 Pavel RoskinFix x86_64 compatibility and all warnings
2008-10-27 David KilroyAdd license to dump_fw
2008-10-27 David KilroyRead AP fw ident better from hfwget
2008-10-26 David KilroyAllow dump_fw to build against wl_lkm_722 for h2 and...
2008-10-26 David KilroyWrite compatibility info from dump_fw.
2008-10-26 David KilroyFurther refactorring. Also pass through splint and...
2008-10-26 David KilroyConvert primary plugdata properly
2008-10-26 David KilroyConvert AirPort firmware version
2008-10-26 David KilroyMach-O parsing from Dan Williams
2008-10-26 David KilroyCheck if we are in wl_lkm tree and build appropriately
2008-10-26 David KilroyUse C99 types
2008-10-26 David Kilroyhfwget refactorring posted as hfwget2 April 2008
2008-10-26 David Kilroydump_fw and hfwget posted Sep 2007
9 years ago master