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2007-08-16 Nicolas PennequinFirst commit of buffering.[ch], based on testplugin.cmaster
2007-08-14 Nicolas Pennequinbufopen: better description of the offset parameter.
2007-08-14 Nicolas PennequinTruly read the ID3 info from the files.
2007-08-07 Nicolas Pennequinbufread, bufgetdata: Better check for when data isn...
2007-08-07 Nicolas PennequinMake the (very primitive) metadata handling use bufalloc().working_mob_2
2007-08-07 Nicolas PennequinAdd the bufalloc API call to load data from a source...
2007-08-07 Nicolas Pennequinbufopen: Factor out the pre-checking.
2007-08-07 Nicolas Pennequinbuffer_handle: Remember that we closed the FD once...
2007-08-07 Nicolas PennequinMoved the old standalone app to testapp.c
2007-08-06 Nicolas Pennequinbufopen: Add support for data types that can't wrap.
2007-08-06 Nicolas PennequinAdd a quick buffering example.
2007-08-05 Nicolas Pennequinbufseek: Changed specification and improved range checking.
2007-08-04 Nicolas Pennequinfree_buffer: Keep h->offset in sync so we know where...
2007-08-04 Nicolas PennequinA couple comment changes.
2007-08-04 Nicolas Pennequinbufread: Make it behave correctly.working_mob
2007-08-04 Nicolas Pennequinbufgetdata: Check that the caller isn't too greedy.
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