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FeedLint is a tool for Zero Install feed authors. It checks that your Zero Install feed can be downloaded, that it is valid and that all the links in it still work. Run this on all your feeds from time-to-time to make sure they still work.
2015-07-26 Thomas LeonardDon't try to check S3 URLsmaster
2015-05-03 Thomas LeonardStart development series 0.9-post
2015-05-03 Thomas LeonardRelease 0.9v0.9
2015-05-03 Thomas LeonardFixed test for local feeds to work on Windows too
2014-08-08 Bastian EicherDo not use curses on Windows
2013-05-11 Thomas LeonardIf signing key is not in keyring, download it instead...
2013-05-11 Thomas LeonardAllow local archives in local feeds (valid in 0install...
2013-03-08 Thomas LeonardAdded --offline mode
2013-03-01 Thomas LeonardScan implementations in order (highest version first)
2013-02-27 Thomas LeonardAllow app names as arguments
2013-02-15 Thomas LeonardError if feed contains duplicate IDs
2013-01-03 Thomas LeonardStart development series 0.8-post
2013-01-03 Thomas LeonardRelease 0.8v0.8
2013-01-03 Thomas LeonardCope with terminals that don't support colour
2012-05-14 Thomas LeonardSimple unit-test: check our own feed
2012-05-14 Thomas LeonardCheck that version components fit in a 32-bit signed...
3 years ago v0.9 Release 0.9
6 years ago v0.8 Release 0.8
6 years ago v0.7 Release 0.7
7 years ago v0.6 Release 0.6
8 years ago v0.5 Release 0.5
11 years ago v0.4 Release 0.4
11 years ago v0.3
11 years ago v0.2
11 years ago v0.1
3 years ago master