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descriptionffmpeg Lagarith lossless decoder
last changeFri, 16 Oct 2009 02:39:57 +0000 (15 20:39 -0600)
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2009-10-16 Nathan CaldwellTypo in softfloat_reciprocal comment.master
2009-10-16 Nathan CaldwellMerge branch 'lags-rac' into lagarith
2009-10-16 Nathan CaldwellMerge branch 'master' of git:// lags-rac
2009-10-16 Nathan CaldwellRemove unused value from series[] in lag_decode_prob.
2009-10-16 Nathan CaldwellHandle error conditions when decoding probabilities.
2009-10-15 reimarAdd support for hardcoded ff_sin_* tables.
2009-10-15 reimarMove/add COSTABLE/SINTABLE macros to dsputil to add...
2009-10-15 reimarRemove silly casts to the same type as we already have.
2009-10-15 reimarAdd missing release_buffer at decode end for asv1 decoder.
2009-10-15 reimarPartially revert r20233, exp2f is not available on...
2009-10-15 cehoyosRaise MAX_THREADS to 16.
2009-10-15 jai_menonSkip padding bytes correctly in ID3 tags.
2009-10-15 reimarDo not initialize ff_cos_* tables again in rdft_init...
2009-10-15 jbr10l: update Makefile after rename
2009-10-15 jbrRename aiff.c to aiffdec.c
2009-10-15 jbrSplit up the AIFF muxer and demuxer into separate files.
9 years ago master
9 years ago lags-rac
9 years ago lags-rgb