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Project Description Owner Last Change
diouzhtu.git Gwiad Wiki Plugin 4 years ago
forthwiki.git simple wiki in SP-Forth 9 years ago
fuse-mediawiki.git A FUSE filesystem for editing MediaWiki websites 9 years ago
gmpc-lyricwiki.git Lyricwiki plugin for gmpc 7 years ago
gmpc-wikipedia.git A GMPC plugin to fetch the wikipedia informat... 7 years ago
ikiwiki/intrigeri.git intrigeri's public branches for ikiwiki 7 years ago
markdown-mode.git Major mode to edit Markdown files in Emacs 6 months ago
markdown-mode/intrigeri.git intrigeri branches for markdown-mode 10 years ago
mediawiki-ext-josa.git Automated Korean postpositions processing 3 weeks ago
mediawiki.git MediaWiki Core 116 min ago
nancy.git Wiki on Sinatra 11 years ago
python-mwapi.git A python module for the MediaWiki API No commits
sokol-iki.git website against the persecution of Vsevolod... 9 years ago
wikiri.git A single-file wiki with git support albertito@blitiri... 9 years ago
wixi.git multi-platform wiki for the desktop 9 years ago
zip-doc.git Offline way of accessing Wikipedia, and maybe... 11 years ago