descriptionpeer-to-peer sharing of Zero Install packages
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Zero Install is a decentralised installation system. Meta-data about each package is published in a "feed" file. Before downloading a package over the internet, 0launch can check to see if any nearby machines have a copy, and get it from them instead if so. This will normally be much faster. The secure hash from the feed is used to check that the software hasn't been modified.
2008-12-13 Thomas LeonardStart development series 0.1-postmaster
2008-12-13 Thomas LeonardRelease 0.1v0.1
2008-12-13 Thomas LeonardUpdated readme
2008-12-13 Thomas LeonardActually send the package contents
2008-12-13 Thomas LeonardUse HTTP protocol for requesting implementations
2008-12-13 Thomas LeonardSplit server code into its own class
2008-12-13 Thomas LeonardBetter response message
2008-12-13 Thomas LeonardInitial commit
10 years ago v0.1 Release 0.1
10 years ago master