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How to build Unleashed

Install Unleashed

Building Unleashed requires Unleashed, so first, download and install the latest snapshot from

Get the source

Clone this repository:

$ git clone git://
$ cd unleashed


Objects generated during the build are stored in /usr/obj, so create it and allow the build user to write to it.

# zfs create -o mountpoint=/usr/obj rpool/obj && install -m 1777 -d /usr/obj

Afterward, you can use make normally.

$ make -j32 build            # adjust -j<num> as necessary for your hardware

make build installs the built artifacts into proto/root_i386, and generates packages into the packages/nightly/repo.redist repository.

NOTE: objects generated by the legacy build system dmake in the usr/src directories are stored directly inside the directories, so it is currently not enough to clear /usr/obj to get a clean workspace. Instead use:

$ make -j32 cleandir         # removes objects, proto/root_i386 and packages/i386/nightly/repo.redist

Single component build

To build a component that is using the new build system (e.g., cat(1)), change into the source directory and run make. For example:

$ cd bin/cat
$ make
# make install

The component will be linked against the running system and installed to /. To install to an alternate directory (eg. proto/root_i386), use make install DESTDIR=path.

To build a component under the legacy (dmake) build system, ie. things under usr/src, first complete a full build so that prerequisite objects for the component are made, and then:

$ ./tools/
$ cd usr/src/cmd/w
$ dmake install

The component will be built against the "proto area" in proto/root_i386 and installed there.

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