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This repository is used to package third-party software currently required by
Unleashed, but not shipped by Unleashed. Ultimately, the plan is for Unleashed
to ship all the necessary software to build itself, so this is a temporary

This repository is a fork of oi-userland
( so it contains build recipes for a
large amount of third-party software. However, we do not maintain or even
build-test the pieces of software we do not use.

The software components we ship "by default" in Unleashed are listed in, and can be built as follows:

    gmake setup && puname gmake publish

In many cases you can also build components from this repository for personal
use. Patches to components not shipped by Unleashed (eg. updating or making
them build on Unleashed) are accepted, but note that we do not maintain such
components and they may break at any time. Remember that this repository is a
temporary measure, not a ports tree.

You can also build the userland-extra package repository by running:

    rm -rf i386 && \
    gmake setup PUBLISHER=userland-extra && \
    puname gmake publish
13 days ago Josef 'Jeff... Merge branch 'master' of git:// master
13 days ago Lauri use local copies of automake aux tools...
13 days ago Lauri Tirkkonenautomake-1.11: add missing files/
13 days ago Lauri Tirkkonenautomake-1.11, automake-1.15: add patched config.{guess...
2018-11-24 Lauri Tirkkonenautomake/automake-1.11: move to developer/automake...
2018-11-14 Josef 'Jeff... remove SUNWacpidump rename pkg
2018-11-10 Josef 'Jeff... Merge branch 'master' of ../userland
2018-11-10 Michal Nowakntp: update to 4.2.8p12
2018-10-25 Lauri Tirkkonengcc-6: don't ship info pages
2018-10-25 Lauri TirkkonenRevert "gcc-6: drop documentation patches"
2018-10-25 Lauri TirkkonenRevert "enable text/texinfo build"
2018-10-25 Lauri Tirkkonengcc-6: preserve original tarball modification times
2018-10-25 Lauri Tirkkonengcc-6: drop documentation patches
2018-10-25 Lauri Tirkkonenntp: use libressl patches from openbsd ports
2018-10-25 Lauri Tirkkonenopenssh: update to 7.9p1
2018-10-04 Josef 'Jeff... libgpg-error: update to 1.32
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