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last changeTue, 14 Aug 2018 09:49:46 +0000 (14 12:49 +0300)
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2018-08-14 Lauri Tirkkonendrop dep on package/svr4masterv1.1
2018-08-13 Lauri Tirkkonenfix cryptography pkg name
2018-08-13 Lauri Tirkkonenget_file_type(): handle empty files
2018-08-13 Lauri should be identical to
2018-07-15 Josef 'Jeff... stop linking against libsocket
2018-07-01 Andy FiddamanRemove M2Crypto and replace with cryptography module
2018-07-01 Lauri Tirkkonenuse $(MAKE) not make
2018-05-29 Josef 'Jeff... remove obsolete manifestsv1.0
2018-01-19 Josef 'Jeff... Merge branch 'master' of git:// v1.0-rc1
2018-01-19 Josef 'Jeff... kernel modules no longer live in $ISADIR
2017-12-30 Lauri Tirkkonenpydates.git: invoke stat correctly
2017-11-10 Lauri Tirkkonenremove code related to labeled brands
2017-11-10 Lauri Tirkkonenmake test suite runnable
2017-11-10 Lauri Tirkkonenremove sha512_t
2017-11-10 Lauri Tirkkonentrim list of packages installed in zones
2017-11-10 Lauri Tirkkonendrop dependency on ca-certificates
3 weeks ago v1.1 Unleashed v1.1
4 months ago v1.0 Unleashed v1.0
8 months ago v1.0-rc1 Unleashed v1.0-rc1
2 months ago master
9 months ago no_m2crypto