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Using Kayak



DHCP server:

TFTP server:

HTTP server:

2018-09-28 Josef 'Jeff... fix paths to zoneinfomasterv1.1
2018-09-03 Josef 'Jeff... data: include a number of 64-bit libs needed by beadm
2018-09-01 Josef 'Jeff... data: include gcc-6 runtimes in installer image
2018-09-01 Josef 'Jeff... include gcc-6 on the install image
2018-08-27 Lauri Tirkkonenuse composite console for loader on the iso
2018-08-27 Lauri Tirkkonen/boot/zfsloader has been renamed to /boot/loader
2018-07-31 Josef 'Jeff... build_zfs_send: display progress while generating zfs...
2018-07-31 Josef 'Jeff... kayak-menu: explicitly use ksh93
2018-07-31 Josef 'Jeff... data: include /usr/bin/ksh93 on the install media
2018-07-12 Josef 'Jeff... build_image: don't include driver/xvm/pv
2018-07-12 Josef 'Jeff... add nvme driver to install image
2018-07-09 Josef 'Jeff... include cdrtools in the install image
2018-07-01 Josef 'Jeff... Merge branch 'master' of git://
2018-07-01 Josef 'Jeff... include loader brand/logo on install images
2018-07-01 Lauri Tirkkoneninstall gawk by default (required for gcc49 build)
2018-07-01 Josef 'Jeff... standardize the pkg repo URLs
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