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descriptionintrigeri branches for markdown-mode
last changeSat, 25 Oct 2008 20:10:34 +0000 (25 16:10 -0400)
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Moved to git://
2008-10-25 Jason BlevinsThanksfaces
2008-10-24 intrigeriMerge commit 'origin/master' into pub/faces
2008-10-21 intrigerimake faces really customizable, using defface instead...
2008-10-21 intrigerisupport different faces for headers of level 1-4
2008-08-06 Jason Blevinsindent-region
2008-08-06 Jason BlevinsMore checkdoc-related documentation style changes
2008-08-06 Jason BlevinsApplied Bryan Kyle's indentation patch
2008-07-08 Jason BlevinsAllow customization of faces
2008-07-01 Jason BlevinsMatch wiki links before bold and italic
2008-06-13 Jason BlevinsFix 'Wrong number of arguments error' in markdown-shifttab
2008-06-06 Jason BlevinsMore robust and general blockquote and pre functions
2008-06-06 Jason BlevinsFix byte-compilation warnings
2008-06-06 Jason BlevinsBump version to 1.7-dev
2008-06-06 Jason Blevinsfont-lock: match blockquotes earlier
2008-06-06 Jason Blevinscheckdoc-compliant documentation, removed extra args
2008-06-06 Jason BlevinsFont lock: find hr's before list items
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