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descriptionEric Blake's GNU M4 patches
last changeTue, 3 Jan 2017 22:55:50 +0000 (3 16:55 -0600)
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Patches which have not yet matured enough to migrate to the master repository, but which I want to track between multiple machines.

Feel free to push your own anonymous patches to the mob branch without needing any password:

git push +committish:mob

but if you want me to do anything with your patch, you should then tell what you pushed.

2017-01-03 Eric Blakemaint: summarize highlights of 1.4.18 releasemaster
2017-01-03 Eric Blakemaint: make silent builds the default
2017-01-03 Gary V. Vaughanmaint: automake 1.11.5 and earlier generate insecure...
2017-01-03 Eric Blakemaint: release no longer creates a diff file
2017-01-03 Eric Blakedoc: drop obsolete @setcontentsaftertitlepage
2017-01-03 Eric Blakemaint: kill trailing spaces
2017-01-03 Eric Blakemaint: bump copyright year
2014-12-12 Gary V. Vaughanlibm4: spell TRUNCATE_FILENAME consistently.
2014-12-09 KO Myung-Hunlibm4: fix path_truncate() regressions on OS/2.
2014-12-05 Gary V. Vaughangnulib: sync with upstream.
2014-12-05 Gary V. Vaughanobstacks: use obstack_blank_fast where possible.
2014-11-27 Gary V. Vaughanconfigury: improve dlsym underscore detection.
2014-11-27 Gary V. Vaughanmodules: clean up no-longer supported preloading refere...
2014-11-26 Gary V. Vaughanmodules: only load modules with system module file...
2014-11-26 Gary V. Vaughanmodules: Use LT_MODULE_EXT for host module file extension.
2014-11-26 Gary V. Vaughanconfigury: simplify calculation of module file extension.
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5 years ago v1.4.17 Release 1.4.17
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8 years ago v1.4.15 1.4.15
9 years ago v1.4.14 1.4.14
9 years ago v1.4.13 1.4.13
10 years ago v1.4.12 1.4.12
10 years ago v1.4.11 1.4.11
10 years ago v1.5.89a creation of branch-1.6; not a true...
11 years ago v1.4.10b 1.4.10b
13 years ago v1.9a use 1.9a, not 1.4q, as version...
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