descriptionVala bindings for enlightenment libraries
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efl.vapi & libeflvala

efl.vapi contains vala bindings for the
Enlightenment Foundation Libraries.
It is usable with or without libeflvala.

libeflvala contains additional convenience
objects for applications written in vala
using the efl.


Full Elementary support is going to be done first,
adding dependencies (evas) as we go. Later on,
adding edje and ecore for applications that do not
want to use elementary.
2010-01-26 Michael 'Mickey... evas.vapi: bind HINT_EXPAND and HINT_FILLmaster
2010-01-26 Michael 'Mickey... evas.vapi: bind more enums
2010-01-26 Michael 'Mickey... start w/ dialer in elementary
2010-01-25 Michael 'Mickey... rename SmartCallback to Callback
2010-01-25 Michael 'Mickey... examples compile again
2010-01-25 Michael 'Mickey... rename mainloops example to application
2010-01-24 Michael 'Mickey... add eflvala-1.0.deps file
2010-01-24 Michael 'Mickey... remove dual-thread-based architecture; now that we...
2010-01-24 Michael 'Mickey... vapi: genlist item class functions have no target;...
2010-01-24 Michael 'Mickey... elm.vapi: major update; catch up with changes up to...
2009-12-01 Michael 'Mickey... elm.vapi: add namespaces and enums for Policy; also...
2009-11-05 Michael 'Mickey... enable silent rules, if available
2009-11-01 Michael 'Mickey... vapi/evas: bind even more map stuff
2009-11-01 Michael 'Mickey... vapi/evas: bind new map stuff
2009-10-29 Michael 'Mickey... elm.vapi|evas.vapi: minor API updates
2009-10-24 Michael 'Mickey... evas.vapi: bind Evas_Map
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