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4 <title>Hex-a-hop hints</title>
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8 <center><h1><font color="#ffffff">
9 Hex-a-hop Hints
10 </font></h1>
12 <table width="640" border=0>
13 <tr><td>
14 <p>I've attempted to structure the hints for each level in some kind of logical manner so it doesn't spoil anything more than you want it to.
15 <p>If you need help for a level not listed here, feel free to email me, and I'll try to make some hints for it.
16 </tr></td>
17 </table>
19 <table width="640" border=0>
20 <tr>
21 <td width="30%">
23 </td></tr>
24 <tr><td valign="top" bgcolor=#645444>
25 <font size="h4" color=#ffffff>Level name<br><font size="h2" color=#ffffff>(Alphabetical order)</font></font>
26 </td><td valign="top" bgcolor=#645444>
27 </td></tr>
28 <tr><td valign="top" bgcolor=#948474>
29 <font size="h4" >A Strange Place</font>
30 </td><td valign="top" bgcolor=#948474><div id='q1'></div>
32 <div id='q3' style='display: ' onclick="document.getElementById('a3').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q4').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q3').style.display='none';"><u><i>Click here to view a hint</u></i>
33 </div>
34 <div id='a3' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Plan to ride the boat up then down-left (to get the two green tiles just below the starting point)
35 </div>
36 <div id='q4' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a4').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q5').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q4').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
37 </div>
38 <div id='a4' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Don't build any green walls.
39 </div>
40 <div id='q5' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a5').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q6').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q5').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
41 </div>
42 <div id='a5' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>You need to break the only blue tile (at the left) to make the blue walls retract.
43 </div>
44 <div id='q6' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a6').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q7').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q6').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
45 </div>
46 <div id='a6' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>You need to build some more green tiles with the builder before going to get the blue tile.
47 </div>
48 <div id='q7' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a7').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q8').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q7').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
49 </div>
50 <div id='a7' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Start with: UR, DR, UR, D, UR, D, DR, DR, DR, DR, U, UR, DL, DL, UL, U (Note: this is not the optimal solution!)
51 </div>
52 <div id='q8' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a8').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q9').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q8').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
53 </div>
54 <div id='a8' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Then: UR, UR, UR, DR, UL, D, UL, DL, UL, UL, U, U, UR, DL, DR, DR, D, U, DR
55 </div>
56 <div id='q9' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a9').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q10').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q9').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
57 </div>
58 <div id='a9' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Then: UR, DR, D, D, U, UR, DR, DL, UL
59 </div>
60 <div id='q10' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a10').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q11').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q10').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
61 </div>
62 <div id='a10' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Finally: UR, U, DR, UR, UR, DL, UR, U, DR, UR
63 </div>
64 </td></tr>
65 <tr><td valign="top" bgcolor=#847464>
66 <font size="h4" >All About Preparation</font>
67 </td><td valign="top" bgcolor=#847464><div id='q11'></div>
69 <div id='q13' style='display: ' onclick="document.getElementById('a13').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q14').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q13').style.display='none';"><u><i>Click here to view a hint</u></i>
70 </div>
71 <div id='a13' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Consider how many times to rotate each spinner before breaking all the green tiles and jumping into the centre.
72 </div>
73 <div id='q14' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a14').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q15').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q14').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
74 </div>
75 <div id='a14' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Note that you need to leave a tile two hexes up-right of the top trampoline so you can land there after trampling the left-most green wall.
76 </div>
77 <div id='q15' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a15').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q16').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q15').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
78 </div>
79 <div id='a15' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Rotate the bottom-right spinner once, then the bottom left one five times.
80 </div>
81 <div id='q16' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a16').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q17').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q16').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
82 </div>
83 <div id='a16' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Then the top-left spinner twice, and the top-right spinner once.
84 </div>
85 <div id='q17' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a17').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q18').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q17').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
86 </div>
87 <div id='a17' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Then after breaking all the initial green tiles and bouncing down-right on the trampoline you don't need to step on any more spinners (except for the final move).
88 </div>
89 <div id='q18' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a18').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q19').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q18').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
90 </div>
91 <div id='a18' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Solution (from start of level): DR, D, DR*6, UR, UR, U, U (first spinner OK)
92 </div>
93 <div id='q19' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a19').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q20').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q19').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
94 </div>
95 <div id='a19' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Then: D, D, DL, UL, DL, UL, UL, U, UR, UL, DR, U, D. UR, DL, DR, UL (second spinner OK)
96 </div>
97 <div id='q20' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a20').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q21').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q20').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
98 </div>
99 <div id='a20' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Then: D, DL, UL, U, UL*4, U*3, UR, UR, DR*4, U, D (first 3 spinners all OK)
100 </div>
101 <div id='q21' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a21').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q22').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q21').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
102 </div>
103 <div id='a21' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Then: UR*3, DR, D (all spinners now in place!)
104 </div>
105 <div id='q22' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a22').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q23').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q22').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
106 </div>
107 <div id='a22' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Then: UR, U, UL, UL, DL, UL, DL, UL, DL, UL, DL, DL, D, DR, DR (bouncing off trampoline)
108 </div>
109 <div id='q23' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a23').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q24').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q23').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
110 </div>
111 <div id='a23' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Then: UR, UR, DR, UR, DR, DL, D, DR, DL, UL, DL, UL*3, UR, DR (Finished!)
112 </div>
113 </td></tr>
114 <tr><td valign="top" bgcolor=#948474>
115 <font size="h4" >Beware Feedback Loops</font>
116 </td><td valign="top" bgcolor=#948474><div id='q24'></div>
118 <div id='q26' style='display: ' onclick="document.getElementById('a26').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q27').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q26').style.display='none';"><u><i>Click here to view a hint</u></i>
119 </div>
120 <div id='a26' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Start by going down, and seeing which way the lasers go. You'll need to do something to stop the lasers going round in a circle.
121 </div>
122 <div id='q27' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a27').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q28').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q27').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
123 </div>
124 <div id='a27' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Use the builder tiles to create extra green tiles to block the lasers.
125 </div>
126 <div id='q28' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a28').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q29').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q28').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
127 </div>
128 <div id='a28' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Don't step on builder tiles with green tiles left adjacent to them, else you'll end up with awkward green walls.
129 </div>
130 <div id='q29' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a29').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q30').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q29').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
131 </div>
132 <div id='a29' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Since you have to fire two lasers, you'll need at least 3 extra tiles blocking the loop (since the first shot will destroy 2)
133 </div>
134 <div id='q30' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a30').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q31').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q30').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
135 </div>
136 <div id='a30' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Leave 2 green tiles from the left-hand builder and 2 green tiles from the right-hand builder to block the lasers.
137 </div>
138 <div id='q31' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a31').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q32').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q31').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
139 </div>
140 <div id='a31' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Step on the right-hand builder first, then the middle one, then the left one. You shouldn't create any walls.
141 </div>
142 <div id='q32' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a32').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q33').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q32').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
143 </div>
144 <div id='a32' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Remember to step on the tile directly up of the left-hand builder on your way to the right-hand builder (but leave the tile to the north of that untouched!)
145 </div>
146 </td></tr>
147 <tr><td valign="top" bgcolor=#847464>
148 <font size="h4" >Branching Pathway</font>
149 </td><td valign="top" bgcolor=#847464><div id='q33'></div>
151 <div id='q35' style='display: ' onclick="document.getElementById('a35').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q36').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q35').style.display='none';"><u><i>Click here to view a hint</u></i>
152 </div>
153 <div id='a35' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>You need to go around the bottom-left twice to get the 3 blue tiles in the top-left.
154 </div>
155 <div id='q36' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a36').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q37').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q36').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
156 </div>
157 <div id='a36' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>You use one of the jumps to do the section on the right-hand side.
158 </div>
159 <div id='q37' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a37').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q38').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q37').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
160 </div>
161 <div id='a37' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>You use the other jump on one of the bottom-most blue tiles.
162 </div>
163 <div id='q38' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a38').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q39').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q38').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
164 </div>
165 <div id='a38' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Stepping forwards then backwards is a very important thing to do sometimes.
166 </div>
167 <div id='q39' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a39').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q40').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q39').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
168 </div>
169 <div id='a39' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Start by stepping Down-right, Down, Up.
170 </div>
171 <div id='q40' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a40').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q41').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q40').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
172 </div>
173 <div id='a40' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Then go Down, Down, Down-right, Up-left, Down-right, Down, Down-left, Up-right, Down-left, Down-left.
174 </div>
175 <div id='q41' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a41').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q42').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q41').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
176 </div>
177 <div id='a41' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>After you jump downwards on the middle trampoline, do: Down-right, Jump, Up-left, Down-left.
178 </div>
179 </td></tr>
180 <tr><td valign="top" bgcolor=#948474>
181 <font size="h4" >Breakthrough</font>
182 </td><td valign="top" bgcolor=#948474><div id='q42'></div>
184 <div id='q44' style='display: ' onclick="document.getElementById('a44').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q45').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q44').style.display='none';"><u><i>Click here to view a hint</u></i>
185 </div>
186 <div id='a44' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Think about how you can can destroy the two green walls.
187 </div>
188 <div id='q45' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a45').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q46').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q45').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
189 </div>
190 <div id='a45' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>If you got rid of all but the topmost of the central column of ice tiles, shooting a laser upwards at the remaining ice tile would destroy both green walls.
191 </div>
192 <div id='q46' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a46').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q47').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q46').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
193 </div>
194 <div id='a46' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>So how do you get rid of those awkward ice tiles?
195 </div>
196 <div id='q47' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a47').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q48').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q47').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
197 </div>
198 <div id='a47' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Shoot yellow tiles next to ice tiles to destroy them.
199 </div>
200 <div id='q48' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a48').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q49').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q48').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
201 </div>
202 <div id='a48' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>If you rotate both spinners four times, the yellow tiles will be in good places where you can shoot them from the bottom.
203 </div>
204 <div id='q49' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a49').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q50').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q49').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
205 </div>
206 <div id='a49' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Rotate the top spinner four times, then the bottom spinner four times.
207 </div>
208 <div id='q50' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a50').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q51').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q50').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
209 </div>
210 <div id='a50' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>You can fire yellow tiles in some directions without danger when you need to rotate spinners without breaking more green tiles (e.g. down-left from the bottom spinner)
211 </div>
212 <div id='q51' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a51').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q52').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q51').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
213 </div>
214 <div id='a51' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>A solution starts: U, DL, UR, UL, DR, D, U (top yellow tiles are now in a good position)
215 </div>
216 <div id='q52' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a52').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q53').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q52').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
217 </div>
218 <div id='a52' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Then: DR, DL, D, UL, DR, UL, DR, DL, UR, (all yellow tiles next to spinners are now in a good position)
219 </div>
220 <div id='q53' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a53').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q54').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q53').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
221 </div>
222 <div id='a53' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>To finish: D, D, D, D, D, DL, U, D, U, DL, U, DL, D, U
223 </div>
224 </td></tr>
225 <tr><td valign="top" bgcolor=#847464>
226 <font size="h4" >Clearance</font>
227 </td><td valign="top" bgcolor=#847464><div id='q54'></div>
229 <div id='q56' style='display: ' onclick="document.getElementById('a56').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q57').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q56').style.display='none';"><u><i>Click here to view a hint</u></i>
230 </div>
231 <div id='a56' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>You need to get to the green tiles in the top-right, but there's an awkard trampoline blocking the way.
232 </div>
233 <div id='q57' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a57').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q58').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q57').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
234 </div>
235 <div id='a57' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Before you can take the boat up there you need to destroy the trampoline and the two grey tiles beneath it.
236 </div>
237 <div id='q58' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a58').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q59').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q58').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
238 </div>
239 <div id='a58' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>You need to fire the laser up-right from three different positions.
240 </div>
241 <div id='q59' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a59').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q60').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q59').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
242 </div>
243 <div id='a59' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>You can shoot out the bottom of the three tiles without stepping on the spinner.
244 </div>
245 <div id='q60' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a60').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q61').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q60').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
246 </div>
247 <div id='a60' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>After rotating the spinner twice, the laser is in the right place to shoot the trampoline.
248 </div>
249 <div id='q61' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a61').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q62').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q61').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
250 </div>
251 <div id='a61' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Rotating it twice more leaves it in a good place for shooting the remaining awkward tile.
252 </div>
253 <div id='q62' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a62').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q63').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q62').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
254 </div>
255 <div id='a62' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>In some positions, it's safe to step from the spinner onto the laser and back again to make it rotate again.
256 </div>
257 <div id='q63' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a63').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q64').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q63').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
258 </div>
259 <div id='a63' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Make sure you walk over enough of the green tiles while going to fire the laser after rotating twice. You just need to leave one for later.
260 </div>
261 </td></tr>
262 <tr><td valign="top" bgcolor=#948474>
263 <font size="h4" >Commute</font>
264 </td><td valign="top" bgcolor=#948474><div id='q64'></div>
266 <div id='q66' style='display: ' onclick="document.getElementById('a66').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q67').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q66').style.display='none';"><u><i>Click here to view a hint</u></i>
267 </div>
268 <div id='a66' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Get off the raised green tiles immeadiately.
269 </div>
270 <div id='q67' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a67').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q68').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q67').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
271 </div>
272 <div id='a67' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Start by destroying all the normal green tiles, aiming to finish on the right-most lift.
273 </div>
274 <div id='q68' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a68').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q69').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q68').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
275 </div>
276 <div id='a68' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Then destroy all the tiles on the right (including the blue one)
277 </div>
278 <div id='q69' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a69').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q70').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q69').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
279 </div>
280 <div id='a69' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Then head to the left and take out the two green tiles to the lower-left of the left-most lift.
281 </div>
282 <div id='q70' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a70').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q71').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q70').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
283 </div>
284 <div id='a70' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Finally, destroy the blue and green tiles above the lift (make sure you leave the lift in the down position before stepping upwards)
285 </div>
286 <div id='q71' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a71').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q72').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q71').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
287 </div>
288 <div id='a71' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Move sequence: DL, DL, DL, U, UL, DL, U, DL, U, UL, DL, U, U, DR, DR, DR, DR, DR, DR, UR (takes you onto the right-most lift)
289 </div>
290 <div id='q72' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a72').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q73').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q72').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
291 </div>
292 <div id='a72' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Then: UR, DR, UR, UL, DR, U, UL, DL, DL, DL (Takes you onto the second lift from the right)
293 </div>
294 <div id='q73' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a73').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q74').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q73').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
295 </div>
296 <div id='a73' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Then go up-left until you're standing on the grey wall tile. Finally, go DL, UL, UR, DR, UL, U, U, D, D
297 </div>
298 </td></tr>
299 <tr><td valign="top" bgcolor=#847464>
300 <font size="h4" >Death Trap</font>
301 </td><td valign="top" bgcolor=#847464><div id='q74'></div>
303 <div id='q76' style='display: ' onclick="document.getElementById('a76').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q77').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q76').style.display='none';"><u><i>Click here to view a hint</u></i>
304 </div>
305 <div id='a76' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Take out the five green tiles at the start first.
306 </div>
307 <div id='q77' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a77').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q78').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q77').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
308 </div>
309 <div id='a77' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Then work your way along the bottom edge from left to right, shooting upwards to destroy the upper green tiles.
310 </div>
311 <div id='q78' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a78').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q79').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q78').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
312 </div>
313 <div id='a78' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Move sequence: U, DL, D, DR, UR, DR, D, U, D, U, D, DR, UR
314 </div>
315 <div id='q79' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a79').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q80').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q79').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
316 </div>
317 <div id='a79' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Then: DR, UR, U, D, DR, UR, U, D, U, D
318 </div>
319 <div id='q80' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a80').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q81').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q80').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
320 </div>
321 <div id='a80' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Finally: DR, UR, U, D, U, D, U, D, DR, UL
322 </div>
323 </td></tr>
324 <tr><td valign="top" bgcolor=#948474>
325 <font size="h4" >Eagerness</font>
326 </td><td valign="top" bgcolor=#948474><div id='q81'></div>
328 <div id='q83' style='display: ' onclick="document.getElementById('a83').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q84').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q83').style.display='none';"><u><i>Click here to view a hint</u></i>
329 </div>
330 <div id='a83' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>If the green walls retract, you can't get off the first yellow tile.
331 </div>
332 <div id='q84' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a84').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q85').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q84').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
333 </div>
334 <div id='a84' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>So, how do you stop them retracting?
335 </div>
336 <div id='q85' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a85').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q86').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q85').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
337 </div>
338 <div id='a85' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>You need to turn one of the blue tiles green first.
339 </div>
340 <div id='q86' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a86').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q87').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q86').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
341 </div>
342 <div id='a86' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>But only one of them, else the blue walls will retract too soon!
343 </div>
344 <div id='q87' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a87').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q88').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q87').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
345 </div>
346 <div id='a87' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Then go and shoot the blue tile you left behind.
347 </div>
348 </td></tr>
349 <tr><td valign="top" bgcolor=#847464>
350 <font size="h4" >Ferrying</font>
351 </td><td valign="top" bgcolor=#847464><div id='q88'></div>
353 <div id='q90' style='display: ' onclick="document.getElementById('a90').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q91').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q90').style.display='none';"><u><i>Click here to view a hint</u></i>
354 </div>
355 <div id='a90' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Leave one of the 3 green tiles at the start unbroken so you can safely ride the top-most boat downwards.
356 </div>
357 <div id='q91' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a91').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q92').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q91').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
358 </div>
359 <div id='a91' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>You take the boat which starts at the bottom up 3 times and down twice.
360 </div>
361 <div id='q92' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a92').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q93').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q92').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
362 </div>
363 <div id='a92' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>When you take the boat upwards for the third time, you should have already broken all 10 green tiles adjacent to the trampolines so you can just bounce upwards.
364 </div>
365 <div id='q93' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a93').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q94').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q93').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
366 </div>
367 <div id='a93' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>After taking the boat upwards the second time, you need to use both trampolines (and one of them twice) in order to break all 10 green tiles.
368 </div>
369 <div id='q94' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a94').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q95').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q94').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
370 </div>
371 <div id='a94' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>The move sequence after riding the boat upwards for the second time is: U, UL, U, DR (onto trampoline), UL, U, UR, DR, D, UL (onto right trampoline), D (onto left trampoline, and then the boat)
372 </div>
373 </td></tr>
374 <tr><td valign="top" bgcolor=#948474>
375 <font size="h4" >Fetch Quest</font>
376 </td><td valign="top" bgcolor=#948474><div id='q95'></div>
378 <div id='q97' style='display: ' onclick="document.getElementById('a97').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q98').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q97').style.display='none';"><u><i>Click here to view a hint</u></i>
379 </div>
380 <div id='a97' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>You need to collect all the anti-ice, and finish on the spinner at the top-right.
381 </div>
382 <div id='q98' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a98').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q99').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q98').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
383 </div>
384 <div id='a98' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Go for the bottom-most anti-ice first.
385 </div>
386 <div id='q99' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a99').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q100').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q99').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
387 </div>
388 <div id='a99' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>You have to shoot the tile the bottom-most anti-ice starts on after taking the anti-ice.
389 </div>
390 <div id='q100' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a100').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q101').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q100').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
391 </div>
392 <div id='a100' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Secondly, collect the left-most anti-ice.
393 </div>
394 <div id='q101' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a101').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q102').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q101').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
395 </div>
396 <div id='a101' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>The right-most spinner should be rotated twice to complete the path on the right-side of the level.
397 </div>
398 <div id='q102' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a102').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q103').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q102').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
399 </div>
400 <div id='a102' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>The anti-ice which starts on yellow tiles should be collected 6th and 7th. The anti-ice on the bottom-right spinner is the last one you get.
401 </div>
402 <div id='q103' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a103').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q104').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q103').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
403 </div>
404 <div id='a103' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Start with D, UL, DL, DL, DR, D, D, UL, UL, U (takes you to the bottom right spinner)
405 </div>
406 <div id='q104' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a104').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q105').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q104').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
407 </div>
408 <div id='a104' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Then: U, UL, U, U, UR, DL, DR, DR, U, U, UL, UR, DR, DR (collecting the third anti-ice)
409 </div>
410 <div id='q105' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a105').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q106').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q105').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
411 </div>
412 <div id='a105' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Then: U, U, U, DR, DL, UR, DR, D, DR, UR, DR (onto right-most spinner)
413 </div>
414 <div id='q106' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a106').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q107').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q106').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
415 </div>
416 <div id='a106' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Notice that you can fire the right-hand yellow tile down-right without destroying anything.
417 </div>
418 <div id='q107' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a107').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q108').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q107').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
419 </div>
420 <div id='a107' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>More moves (continuing from before): U, D, U, UL, DL, D, D, U, DL, DL, DL, DL, D (onto left-hand yellow tile)
421 </div>
422 <div id='q108' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a108').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q109').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q108').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
423 </div>
424 <div id='a108' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Then: UR, UR, UR, DR, DL, D, DR, D, U, UL, DR, UR, DR, UR (onto bottom-most ice tile)
425 </div>
426 <div id='q109' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a109').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q110').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q109').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
427 </div>
428 <div id='a109' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Finally, go straight to the top-most spinner, de-icing all the icy tiles on the way.
429 </div>
430 </td></tr>
431 <tr><td valign="top" bgcolor=#847464>
432 <font size="h4" >Finishing Strike</font>
433 </td><td valign="top" bgcolor=#847464><div id='q110'></div>
435 <div id='q112' style='display: ' onclick="document.getElementById('a112').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q113').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q112').style.display='none';"><u><i>Click here to view a hint</u></i>
436 </div>
437 <div id='a112' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>You need to shoot the bottom left yellow tile to destroy the green walls.
438 </div>
439 <div id='q113' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a113').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q114').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q113').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
440 </div>
441 <div id='a113' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>But you can't fire the central gun in that direction...
442 </div>
443 <div id='q114' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a114').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q115').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q114').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
444 </div>
445 <div id='a114' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Have you tried jumping whilst standing on a yellow tile?
446 </div>
447 <div id='q115' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a115').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q116').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q115').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
448 </div>
449 <div id='a115' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Finish by going to the central yellow tile and jumping twice.
450 </div>
451 <div id='q116' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a116').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q117').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q116').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
452 </div>
453 <div id='a116' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>You need to walk around the outside loop first. Remember you don't have to destroy all the blue tiles.
454 </div>
455 </td></tr>
456 <tr><td valign="top" bgcolor=#948474>
457 <font size="h4" >Forced Fire</font>
458 </td><td valign="top" bgcolor=#948474><div id='q117'></div>
460 <div id='q119' style='display: ' onclick="document.getElementById('a119').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q120').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q119').style.display='none';"><u><i>Click here to view a hint</u></i>
461 </div>
462 <div id='a119' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>The boat is the key.
463 </div>
464 <div id='q120' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a120').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q121').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q120').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
465 </div>
466 <div id='a120' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>You can get the tiles in the bottom left and leave, but you'll end up firing the laser up-right four times in the process (and down once).
467 </div>
468 <div id='q121' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a121').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q122').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q121').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
469 </div>
470 <div id='a121' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Is there a way you can fire up-right four times without making the level unsolvable?
471 </div>
472 <div id='q122' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a122').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q123').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q122').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
473 </div>
474 <div id='a122' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>You could use the boat to absorb one of the shots.
475 </div>
476 <div id='q123' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a123').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q124').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q123').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
477 </div>
478 <div id='a123' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>There is a different way to use the boat which allows you to complete the level without firing at all.
479 </div>
480 </td></tr>
481 <tr><td valign="top" bgcolor=#847464>
482 <font size="h4" >Green Honey</font>
483 </td><td valign="top" bgcolor=#847464><div id='q124'></div>
485 <div id='q126' style='display: ' onclick="document.getElementById('a126').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q127').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q126').style.display='none';"><u><i>Click here to view a hint</u></i>
486 </div>
487 <div id='a126' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>If you've got this far, the top half of this level shouldn't be a problem.
488 </div>
489 <div id='q127' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a127').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q128').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q127').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
490 </div>
491 <div id='a127' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Think back to the level "Eagerness".
492 </div>
493 <div id='q128' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a128').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q129').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q128').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
494 </div>
495 <div id='a128' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Don't get rid of all the blue tiles too soon.
496 </div>
497 <div id='q129' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a129').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q130').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q129').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
498 </div>
499 <div id='a129' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>There should only be one green tile left when make the blue walls turn into blue tiles.
500 </div>
501 <div id='q130' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a130').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q131').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q130').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
502 </div>
503 <div id='a130' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Anti-ice makes ice tiles turn blue.
504 </div>
505 <div id='q131' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a131').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q132').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q131').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
506 </div>
507 <div id='a131' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Grab the anti-ice then walk over the ice - this then becomes the blue tile which keeps the blue walls from retracting.
508 </div>
509 </td></tr>
510 <tr><td valign="top" bgcolor=#948474>
511 <font size="h4" >Gun Platform</font>
512 </td><td valign="top" bgcolor=#948474><div id='q132'></div>
514 <div id='q134' style='display: ' onclick="document.getElementById('a134').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q135').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q134').style.display='none';"><u><i>Click here to view a hint</u></i>
515 </div>
516 <div id='a134' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Note that all but one of the tiles that starts green can be shot by walking over the yellow tiles in a circle.
517 </div>
518 <div id='q135' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a135').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q136').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q135').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
519 </div>
520 <div id='a135' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>There's no need to break a lot of the blue tiles.
521 </div>
522 <div id='q136' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a136').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q137').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q136').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
523 </div>
524 <div id='a136' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>The only possible way to remove the remaining green tile is to fire a laser down-right.
525 </div>
526 <div id='q137' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a137').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q138').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q137').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
527 </div>
528 <div id='a137' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>So you want to use the trampoline to land on the central green tile, then step down-right.
529 </div>
530 <div id='q138' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a138').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q139').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q138').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
531 </div>
532 <div id='a138' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Complete solution starts: U, D, U, U, U, D, U, UR, UR, DL, UR, UR, DR, UL, DR, UR, D, U, D, D (onto trampoline)
533 </div>
534 <div id='q139' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a139').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q140').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q139').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
535 </div>
536 <div id='a139' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Then just walk around the yellow tiles until you're done. (Go both clockwise and anti-clockwise!)
537 </div>
538 </td></tr>
539 <tr><td valign="top" bgcolor=#847464>
540 <font size="h4" >Hunting</font>
541 </td><td valign="top" bgcolor=#847464><div id='q140'></div>
543 <div id='q142' style='display: ' onclick="document.getElementById('a142').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q143').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q142').style.display='none';"><u><i>Click here to view a hint</u></i>
544 </div>
545 <div id='a142' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Don't break the only green tile too soon.
546 </div>
547 <div id='q143' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a143').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q144').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q143').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
548 </div>
549 <div id='a143' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>You should destroy the 8 green walls attached to the initial ring of lifts before moving on. Experiment with moving between lifts.
550 </div>
551 <div id='q144' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a144').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q145').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q144').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
552 </div>
553 <div id='a144' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Try to get in a position with only the bottom-left and the top lift (of the ring of lifts) raised with Emi standing on the top one. From that position, it should be easy.
554 </div>
555 <div id='q145' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a145').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q146').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q145').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
556 </div>
557 <div id='a145' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Exact moves to do that from the start of the level are: Up-right, Up-right, Up, Down, Down-left, Up-right, Up, Up-Right. Then go round the 4 green walls next to you. Then get the bottom 4 walls.
558 </div>
559 <div id='q146' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a146').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q147').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q146').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
560 </div>
561 <div id='a146' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>You need to destroy the top lift in the ring of 6 lifts to allow a refracted laser to destroy the green tile.
562 </div>
563 <div id='q147' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a147').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q148').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q147').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
564 </div>
565 <div id='a147' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Fire the left-most laser down-left.
566 </div>
567 <div id='q148' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a148').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q149').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q148').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
568 </div>
569 <div id='a148' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Fire the top-most laser upwards to get a refracted laser to destroy the green tile.
570 </div>
571 </td></tr>
572 <tr><td valign="top" bgcolor=#948474>
573 <font size="h4" >Icy Road</font>
574 </td><td valign="top" bgcolor=#948474><div id='q149'></div>
576 <div id='q151' style='display: ' onclick="document.getElementById('a151').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q152').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q151').style.display='none';"><u><i>Click here to view a hint</u></i>
577 </div>
578 <div id='a151' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>There are a lot of green tiles which can easily get left in useless positions. Think about which tiles must be broken sequentially (e.g. the loop at the bottom of the level.)
579 </div>
580 <div id='q152' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a152').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q153').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q152').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
581 </div>
582 <div id='a152' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>If you start with: U, U, DR, D, DL, DR, it should become obvious.
583 </div>
584 <div id='q153' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a153').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q154').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q153').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
585 </div>
586 <div id='a153' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>If not, the remaining moves are: UR, DR, D, DL, UL, U, UR, DR, UR, UL, U, U
587 </div>
588 </td></tr>
589 <tr><td valign="top" bgcolor=#847464>
590 <font size="h4" >Island</font>
591 </td><td valign="top" bgcolor=#847464><div id='q154'></div>
593 <div id='q156' style='display: ' onclick="document.getElementById('a156').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q157').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q156').style.display='none';"><u><i>Click here to view a hint</u></i>
594 </div>
595 <div id='a156' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>There's no grey tile to finish on.
596 </div>
597 <div id='q157' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a157').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q158').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q157').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
598 </div>
599 <div id='a157' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>You only need to destroy green tiles.
600 </div>
601 <div id='q158' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a158').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q159').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q158').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
602 </div>
603 <div id='a158' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Blue tiles only turn green when you step off them.
604 </div>
605 <div id='q159' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a159').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q160').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q159').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
606 </div>
607 <div id='a159' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>You need to finish by stepping from the last green tile onto a blue one.
608 </div>
609 </td></tr>
610 <tr><td valign="top" bgcolor=#948474>
611 <font size="h4" >Laser Surgery</font>
612 </td><td valign="top" bgcolor=#948474><div id='q160'></div>
614 <div id='q162' style='display: ' onclick="document.getElementById('a162').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q163').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q162').style.display='none';"><u><i>Click here to view a hint</u></i>
615 </div>
616 <div id='a162' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>The last move you'll make will be to step upwards from the bottom-most green tile (which is initially a green wall).
617 </div>
618 <div id='q163' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a163').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q164').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q163').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
619 </div>
620 <div id='a163' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Doing so will fire the laser, so there musn't be a clear loop around the 6 central ice tiles at this point, else the laser will loop back and blow you up.
621 </div>
622 <div id='q164' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a164').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q165').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q164').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
623 </div>
624 <div id='a164' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>You need to fire the laser upwards at least twice.
625 </div>
626 <div id='q165' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a165').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q166').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q165').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
627 </div>
628 <div id='a165' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>The <b>penultimate</b> time you fire the laser upwards must destroy any remaining green tiles (so you can break the bottom-most green wall before firing for the last time)
629 </div>
630 <div id='q166' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a166').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q167').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q166').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
631 </div>
632 <div id='a166' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>So try leaving one green tile behind.
633 </div>
634 <div id='q167' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a167').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q168').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q167').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
635 </div>
636 <div id='a167' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Leave the one green tile in between the right-hand two ice tiles.
637 </div>
638 <div id='q168' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a168').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q169').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q168').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
639 </div>
640 <div id='a168' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>One solution starts: D, DR, DR, U, UL, U, UL, UR, UR, DR, U, UR (leaving you on the top-most green tile)
641 </div>
642 <div id='q169' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a169').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q170').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q169').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
643 </div>
644 <div id='a169' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Then: DR, DR, DR, DL, D, UL, U, DL, D, DR, DL, D, UR, UR
645 </div>
646 <div id='q170' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a170').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q171').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q170').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
647 </div>
648 <div id='a170' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Finally: U, UR, D, D, DL, DL, DL, DL, D, D, D, U, D, U
649 </div>
650 </td></tr>
651 <tr><td valign="top" bgcolor=#847464>
652 <font size="h4" >Leftovers</font>
653 </td><td valign="top" bgcolor=#847464><div id='q171'></div>
655 <div id='q173' style='display: ' onclick="document.getElementById('a173').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q174').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q173').style.display='none';"><u><i>Click here to view a hint</u></i>
656 </div>
657 <div id='a173' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>You should only leave two green walls behind when you leave the starting section.
658 </div>
659 <div id='q174' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a174').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q175').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q174').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
660 </div>
661 <div id='a174' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Start by jumping down onto the blue tile.
662 </div>
663 <div id='q175' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a175').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q176').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q175').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
664 </div>
665 <div id='a175' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>The only way to destroy those walls you leave behind is to shoot them.
666 </div>
667 <div id='q176' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a176').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q177').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q176').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
668 </div>
669 <div id='a176' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Use an ice tile to refract the laser beam.
670 </div>
671 <div id='q177' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a177').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q178').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q177').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
672 </div>
673 <div id='a177' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>The spinner with ice tiles next to it needs turning twice to put an ice tile in the right place.
674 </div>
675 <div id='q178' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a178').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q179').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q178').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
676 </div>
677 <div id='a178' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>The laser tiles need firing at the ice from the tile up-left of the second spinner. <a href="hints/leftovers_laser_position.jpg">Click here for a picture.</a>
678 </div>
679 <div id='q179' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a179').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q180').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q179').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
680 </div>
681 <div id='a179' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>You'll need to use both laser tiles. Make sure you don't trample the green tiles you'll need to use to fire the laser in the right direction!
682 </div>
683 <div id='q180' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a180').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q181').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q180').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
684 </div>
685 <div id='a180' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Fire the lasers off into space to keep rotating the spinner without wasting green tiles.
686 </div>
687 <div id='q181' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a181').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q182').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q181').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
688 </div>
689 <div id='a181' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>The final spinner is only useful as a safe tile to finish on.
690 </div>
691 </td></tr>
692 <tr><td valign="top" bgcolor=#948474>
693 <font size="h4" >Lifts</font>
694 </td><td valign="top" bgcolor=#948474><div id='q182'></div>
696 <div id='q184' style='display: ' onclick="document.getElementById('a184').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q185').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q184').style.display='none';"><u><i>Click here to view a hint</u></i>
697 </div>
698 <div id='a184' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Jumping on a trampoline from a raised tile does a higher bounce, which can land you on another high tile. But hopping onto a trampoline from a normal tile doesn't allow you to gain height.
699 </div>
700 <div id='q185' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a185').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q186').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q185').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
701 </div>
702 <div id='a185' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>It's impossible to destroy all the blue walls on this level, so you'll have to use the trampoline in the bottom-right to get to the last green wall.
703 </div>
704 <div id='q186' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a186').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q187').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q186').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
705 </div>
706 <div id='a186' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Try starting with: U, DR, UL, U, U, UR, DR, UR, UL, UR, U.
707 </div>
708 <div id='q187' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a187').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q188').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q187').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
709 </div>
710 <div id='a187' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Then: D, UL, DR, D, DL, U, UR, DR, DR, D, D.
711 </div>
712 <div id='q188' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a188').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q189').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q188').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
713 </div>
714 <div id='a188' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Finally: D, D, DR, UR, UR, UL, DR, D, U, D, DR, D.
715 </div>
716 </td></tr>
717 <tr><td valign="top" bgcolor=#847464>
718 <font size="h4" >Maze</font>
719 </td><td valign="top" bgcolor=#847464><div id='q189'></div>
721 <div id='q191' style='display: ' onclick="document.getElementById('a191').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q192').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q191').style.display='none';"><u><i>Click here to view a hint</u></i>
722 </div>
723 <div id='a191' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Start by breaking the top green tile and returning to the starting tile, then go D, DR, DR
724 </div>
725 <div id='q192' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a192').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q193').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q192').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
726 </div>
727 <div id='a192' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Then go DL, U, D, D, DL
728 </div>
729 <div id='q193' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a193').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q194').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q193').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
730 </div>
731 <div id='a193' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Then UR, DR, UR, U, DR, UR, U, U, D, D
732 </div>
733 <div id='q194' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a194').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q195').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q194').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
734 </div>
735 <div id='a194' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>From here you should be able to get to the green tile just down-left of the top spinner while breaking all the green and blue tiles on the way.
736 </div>
737 <div id='q195' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a195').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q196').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q195').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
738 </div>
739 <div id='a195' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>You want to rotate the top spinner once and finish by firing the bottom yellow tile upwards three times (to blow up the green walls)
740 </div>
741 <div id='q196' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a196').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q197').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q196').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
742 </div>
743 <div id='a196' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>To do this, from the green tile down-left of the top spinner, go DR, D, U, UR, UL, DR, DL
744 </div>
745 <div id='q197' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a197').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q198').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q197').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
746 </div>
747 <div id='a197' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Then D, D, D, UR, D, UL, D
748 </div>
749 <div id='q198' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a198').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q199').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q198').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
750 </div>
751 <div id='a198' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Finish with U, D, DR, UL, U, D, U
752 </div>
753 </td></tr>
754 <tr><td valign="top" bgcolor=#948474>
755 <font size="h4" >Mini Island</font>
756 </td><td valign="top" bgcolor=#948474><div id='q199'></div>
758 <div id='q201' style='display: ' onclick="document.getElementById('a201').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q202').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q201').style.display='none';"><u><i>Click here to view a hint</u></i>
759 </div>
760 <div id='a201' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>As usual, make sure you don't leave any unreachable dead-ends of green tiles behind.
761 </div>
762 <div id='q202' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a202').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q203').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q202').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
763 </div>
764 <div id='a202' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>You should finish on the central island.
765 </div>
766 <div id='q203' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a203').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q204').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q203').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
767 </div>
768 <div id='a203' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Don't go to the central island until you've broken all the other green tiles.
769 </div>
770 <div id='q204' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a204').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q205').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q204').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
771 </div>
772 <div id='a204' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>To get the two green tiles in between the trampolines at the right, jump onto one of the green tiles then reverse direction. (I.e. bounce south off the north trampoline, then hop north twice.)
773 </div>
774 </td></tr>
775 <tr><td valign="top" bgcolor=#847464>
776 <font size="h4" >More Stripes</font>
777 </td><td valign="top" bgcolor=#847464><div id='q205'></div>
779 <div id='q207' style='display: ' onclick="document.getElementById('a207').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q208').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q207').style.display='none';"><u><i>Click here to view a hint</u></i>
780 </div>
781 <div id='a207' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Make sure you don't leave any green tiles behind in the first column when you leave it.
782 </div>
783 <div id='q208' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a208').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q209').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q208').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
784 </div>
785 <div id='a208' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Then walk over all the green tiles in the right-hand two columns before jumping downwards.
786 </div>
787 <div id='q209' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a209').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q210').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q209').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
788 </div>
789 <div id='a209' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Then you want to jump up off the left trampoline of the three at the bottom. Make sure you leave a route so you can get back to the middle trampoline later.
790 </div>
791 <div id='q210' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a210').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q211').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q210').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
792 </div>
793 <div id='a210' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Then go back round to the bottom (don't destroy too many tiles in the section with a column of green tiles next to a column of blue tiles)
794 </div>
795 <div id='q211' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a211').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q212').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q211').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
796 </div>
797 <div id='a211' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Finally, clean up any green tiles at the bottom and jump upwards from the middle trampoline. You should then be able to finish off the remaining tiles and finish either on a blue tile or by jumping down-right back to the grey tiles at the bottom.
798 </div>
799 </td></tr>
800 <tr><td valign="top" bgcolor=#948474>
801 <font size="h4" >No Swimming Allowed</font>
802 </td><td valign="top" bgcolor=#948474><div id='q212'></div>
804 <div id='q214' style='display: ' onclick="document.getElementById('a214').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q215').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q214').style.display='none';"><u><i>Click here to view a hint</u></i>
805 </div>
806 <div id='a214' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>You need to take one of the boats upwards along the column to the right of where they start.
807 </div>
808 <div id='q215' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a215').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q216').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q215').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
809 </div>
810 <div id='a215' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>So you need to get to a tile directly under a boat so you can jump onto it.
811 </div>
812 <div id='q216' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a216').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q217').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q216').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
813 </div>
814 <div id='a216' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>The ice is no help for that, since you can't stop in the right place, so you need to use the other boat.
815 </div>
816 <div id='q217' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a217').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q218').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q217').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
817 </div>
818 <div id='a217' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Take the top boat down-right, then look at where the other boat is.
819 </div>
820 <div id='q218' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a218').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q219').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q218').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
821 </div>
822 <div id='a218' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Go back round to the left without moving the top boat again, then take the bottom boat up-right. From there you can step upwards onto the first boat.
823 </div>
824 </td></tr>
825 <tr><td valign="top" bgcolor=#847464>
826 <font size="h4" >Nucleus</font>
827 </td><td valign="top" bgcolor=#847464><div id='q219'></div>
829 <div id='q221' style='display: ' onclick="document.getElementById('a221').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q222').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q221').style.display='none';"><u><i>Click here to view a hint</u></i>
830 </div>
831 <div id='a221' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>You leave the central area by going upwards.
832 </div>
833 <div id='q222' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a222').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q223').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q222').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
834 </div>
835 <div id='a222' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>You mainly go anti-clockwise around the outside, but you should destroy one blue and one green tile to the right first.
836 </div>
837 <div id='q223' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a223').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q224').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q223').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
838 </div>
839 <div id='a223' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>You finish by jumping onto the top-right yellow tile from the outside.
840 </div>
841 <div id='q224' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a224').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q225').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q224').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
842 </div>
843 <div id='a224' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>You need to have already gotten rid of one of the green tiles in the central area so it doesn't block the laser.
844 </div>
845 <div id='q225' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a225').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q226').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q225').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
846 </div>
847 <div id='a225' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Start by going up-right then down-left, then up.
848 </div>
849 </td></tr>
850 <tr><td valign="top" bgcolor=#948474>
851 <font size="h4" >One Two One Two</font>
852 </td><td valign="top" bgcolor=#948474><div id='q226'></div>
854 <div id='q228' style='display: ' onclick="document.getElementById('a228').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q229').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q228').style.display='none';"><u><i>Click here to view a hint</u></i>
855 </div>
856 <div id='a228' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Step on as few blue tiles as possible, since once they've gone green you have to destroy them. The exception to this is that you can finish a level by stepping onto a blue tile (since then you never step off, so it doesn't turn green.)
857 </div>
858 <div id='q229' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a229').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q230').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q229').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
859 </div>
860 <div id='a229' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>A line of blue tiles followed by one green tile can be destroyed by walking along it then back again.
861 </div>
862 <div id='q230' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a230').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q231').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q230').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
863 </div>
864 <div id='a230' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Solution: DL, DL, D, D, DL, UL, UL, UL, DL, UR, DR, DR, DR, UR...
865 </div>
866 <div id='q231' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a231').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q232').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q231').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
867 </div>
868 <div id='a231' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Then: DR, D, U, UR, DR, D, U, UL, U, UR, DR, UR, U, UL, DL, UL, U (onto trampoline)
869 </div>
870 <div id='q232' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a232').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q233').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q232').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
871 </div>
872 <div id='a232' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Finally trample the remaining green tiles and finish by stepping onto a blue tile.
873 </div>
874 </td></tr>
875 <tr><td valign="top" bgcolor=#847464>
876 <font size="h4" >Only One Way Up</font>
877 </td><td valign="top" bgcolor=#847464><div id='q233'></div>
879 <div id='q235' style='display: ' onclick="document.getElementById('a235').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q236').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q235').style.display='none';"><u><i>Click here to view a hint</u></i>
880 </div>
881 <div id='a235' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Plan to fire the bottom yellow tile up-right at the other yellow tile.
882 </div>
883 <div id='q236' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a236').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q237').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q236').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
884 </div>
885 <div id='a236' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>After firing the laser, you'll need to head towards the right-hand spinner.
886 </div>
887 <div id='q237' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a237').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q238').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q237').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
888 </div>
889 <div id='a237' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>You don't need to lower the blue walls.
890 </div>
891 <div id='q238' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a238').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q239').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q238').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
892 </div>
893 <div id='a238' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>You should go up the lift when it is down-left of the spinner.
894 </div>
895 <div id='q239' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a239').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q240').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q239').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
896 </div>
897 <div id='a239' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>You need to step on the spinner 5 times. Note there is a trampoline positioned so you bounce onto the spinner.
898 </div>
899 <div id='q240' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a240').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q241').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q240').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
900 </div>
901 <div id='a240' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Start with UL, DL, DR, UR - this clears out a green tile which would otherwise be problematic later.
902 </div>
903 <div id='q241' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a241').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q242').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q241').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
904 </div>
905 <div id='a241' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Then go DR, DL, DL, DL, DL to clear the firing path between the yellow tiles.
906 </div>
907 <div id='q242' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a242').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q243').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q242').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
908 </div>
909 <div id='a242' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Then step on the spinner a couple of times, then proceed round the top right before bouncing back onto the spinner.
910 </div>
911 </td></tr>
912 <tr><td valign="top" bgcolor=#948474>
913 <font size="h4" >Pro Skater</font>
914 </td><td valign="top" bgcolor=#948474><div id='q243'></div>
916 <div id='q245' style='display: ' onclick="document.getElementById('a245').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q246').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q245').style.display='none';"><u><i>Click here to view a hint</u></i>
917 </div>
918 <div id='a245' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Note that the right-hand side of the level is not symmetrical.
919 </div>
920 <div id='q246' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a246').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q247').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q246').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
921 </div>
922 <div id='a246' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>You use the anti-ice to get the green tile immeadiatly to the left of the anti-ice pickup (there's no other way to reach it)
923 </div>
924 <div id='q247' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a247').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q248').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q247').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
925 </div>
926 <div id='a247' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Finish on the top-most blue tile.
927 </div>
928 <div id='q248' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a248').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q249').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q248').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
929 </div>
930 <div id='a248' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>When you first go to the right, make sure you leave no green tiles except the top-most one.
931 </div>
932 <div id='q249' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a249').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q250').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q249').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
933 </div>
934 <div id='a249' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Start with UR, D, UR, UR, D, UR
935 </div>
936 <div id='q250' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a250').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q251').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q250').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
937 </div>
938 <div id='a250' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Then go the right-hand side and get all but the top-most green tile before going and collecting the anti-ice.
939 </div>
940 <div id='q251' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a251').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q252').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q251').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
941 </div>
942 <div id='a251' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Then from the anti-ice tile, go DL, UL, UR, D
943 </div>
944 </td></tr>
945 <tr><td valign="top" bgcolor=#847464>
946 <font size="h4" >Radioactive Ice</font>
947 </td><td valign="top" bgcolor=#847464><div id='q252'></div>
949 <div id='q254' style='display: ' onclick="document.getElementById('a254').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q255').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q254').style.display='none';"><u><i>Click here to view a hint</u></i>
950 </div>
951 <div id='a254' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>You can get all the green tiles except the top-most and bottom-most ones without collecting any anti-ice.
952 </div>
953 <div id='q255' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a255').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q256').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q255').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
954 </div>
955 <div id='a255' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>You can start by destroying all the initial green tiles except the top and bottom ones - you will be left with all four blue tiles turned green.
956 </div>
957 <div id='q256' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a256').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q257').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q256').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
958 </div>
959 <div id='a256' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>You might not need to collect all the anti-ice.
960 </div>
961 <div id='q257' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a257').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q258').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q257').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
962 </div>
963 <div id='a257' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>You can get the two awkward green tiles by anti-icing one of the rightmost ice tiles, then sliding from there.
964 </div>
965 <div id='q258' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a258').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q259').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q258').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
966 </div>
967 <div id='a258' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Use a trampoline to get to the rightmost column of ice. You'll need two anti-ice to do this.
968 </div>
969 <div id='q259' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a259').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q260').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q259').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
970 </div>
971 <div id='a259' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Remember to leave an escape route to use after getting those outermost green tiles!
972 </div>
973 </td></tr>
974 <tr><td valign="top" bgcolor=#948474>
975 <font size="h4" >Refraction</font>
976 </td><td valign="top" bgcolor=#948474><div id='q260'></div>
978 <div id='q262' style='display: ' onclick="document.getElementById('a262').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q263').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q262').style.display='none';"><u><i>Click here to view a hint</u></i>
979 </div>
980 <div id='a262' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>The green wall and the right-most of the three green tiles at the top must both be shot with lasers.
981 </div>
982 <div id='q263' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a263').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q264').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q263').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
983 </div>
984 <div id='a263' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Use refraction to destroy the right-most of the three green tiles at the top.
985 </div>
986 <div id='q264' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a264').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q265').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q264').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
987 </div>
988 <div id='a264' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Don't destroy the bottom-most yellow tile.
989 </div>
990 <div id='q265' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a265').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q266').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q265').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
991 </div>
992 <div id='a265' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Start by firing the first yellow tile up-right, then fire it down-right.
993 </div>
994 <div id='q266' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a266').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q267').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q266').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
995 </div>
996 <div id='a266' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Fire the second yellow tile down-right, then down-left.
997 </div>
998 <div id='q267' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a267').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q268').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q267').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
999 </div>
1000 <div id='a267' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Finally, fire the bottom-most yellow tile upwards.
1001 </div>
1002 <div id='q268' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a268').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q269').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q268').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
1003 </div>
1004 <div id='a268' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Move sequence: D, DR, UR, UL, DL, DL, UR, DL (blows up green wall)
1005 </div>
1006 <div id='q269' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a269').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q270').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q269').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
1007 </div>
1008 <div id='a269' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Then: D, DR, UR, U, U, DR, D, D, D, DL, DR, DL, DL, DL, DL
1009 </div>
1010 <div id='q270' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a270').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q271').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q270').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
1011 </div>
1012 <div id='a270' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Finally: DL, UL, UL, UR, DR, U
1013 </div>
1014 </td></tr>
1015 <tr><td valign="top" bgcolor=#847464>
1016 <font size="h4" >Reversing Space</font>
1017 </td><td valign="top" bgcolor=#847464><div id='q271'></div>
1019 <div id='q273' style='display: ' onclick="document.getElementById('a273').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q274').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q273').style.display='none';"><u><i>Click here to view a hint</u></i>
1020 </div>
1021 <div id='a273' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Travel from left to right, doing one section at a time. Remember you don't need to break all the blue tiles.
1022 </div>
1023 <div id='q274' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a274').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q275').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q274').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
1024 </div>
1025 <div id='a274' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Don't step on the builder when there are any green tiles next to it else they'll become walls.
1026 </div>
1027 <div id='q275' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a275').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q276').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q275').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
1028 </div>
1029 <div id='a275' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Start with: U, U, D, U, UR, UR, U
1030 </div>
1031 <div id='q276' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a276').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q277').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q276').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
1032 </div>
1033 <div id='a276' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>First section (builder) is then: UL, DR, UL, UR, DL, DR, D, DR, DR, D
1034 </div>
1035 <div id='q277' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a277').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q278').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q277').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
1036 </div>
1037 <div id='a277' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Second section (spinner) is then: DL, D, UR, UR, DL, UR, UL, U, UR, UR, U
1038 </div>
1039 <div id='q278' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a278').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q279').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q278').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
1040 </div>
1041 <div id='a278' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Final section is then: UL, U, UR, D, UR, D, DL, D, DR, DR
1042 </div>
1043 </td></tr>
1044 <tr><td valign="top" bgcolor=#948474>
1045 <font size="h4" >Rental Boat</font>
1046 </td><td valign="top" bgcolor=#948474><div id='q279'></div>
1048 <div id='q281' style='display: ' onclick="document.getElementById('a281').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q282').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q281').style.display='none';"><u><i>Click here to view a hint</u></i>
1049 </div>
1050 <div id='a281' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Roughly speaking, you need to move the boat up-left, then destroy all the green tiles and take the boat up-right.
1051 </div>
1052 <div id='q282' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a282').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q283').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q282').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
1053 </div>
1054 <div id='a282' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>To move the boat up-left, you start by taking it down-right.
1055 </div>
1056 <div id='q283' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a283').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q284').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q283').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
1057 </div>
1058 <div id='a283' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>To move the boat where you need it, go UR, DR, U, DR, D, DL, DR, DR, UL
1059 </div>
1060 <div id='q284' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a284').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q285').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q284').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
1061 </div>
1062 <div id='a284' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>From here, you can _almost_ finish the level by going D, D, UL, U, UR but that leaves you with no safe finishing move.
1063 </div>
1064 <div id='q285' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a285').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q286').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q285').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
1065 </div>
1066 <div id='a285' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Maybe if you created somewhere to finish by jumping on the bottom-right-most builder tile.
1067 </div>
1068 <div id='q286' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a286').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q287').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q286').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
1069 </div>
1070 <div id='a286' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>After moving the boat up-left (and with Emi standing on the boat) go: D, DR, DR, DR, U, D
1071 </div>
1072 <div id='q287' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a287').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q288').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q287').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
1073 </div>
1074 <div id='a287' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Then finish with UL, UL, DL, UL, U, UR (riding boat), UR, U, UL, D, D, D, D, DL
1075 </div>
1076 </td></tr>
1077 <tr><td valign="top" bgcolor=#847464>
1078 <font size="h4" >Revolver Cannon</font>
1079 </td><td valign="top" bgcolor=#847464><div id='q288'></div>
1081 <div id='q290' style='display: ' onclick="document.getElementById('a290').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q291').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q290').style.display='none';"><u><i>Click here to view a hint</u></i>
1082 </div>
1083 <div id='a290' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>If you can fire the bottom-right yellow tile upwards twice from the position above the right-hand spinner, you'll take out both the awkward green tiles.
1084 </div>
1085 <div id='q291' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a291').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q292').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q291').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
1086 </div>
1087 <div id='a291' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Then you'd want to move that yellow tile to just up-left of the left-hand spinner and fire it upwards from there to destroy the last blue tile and make the blue wall retract.
1088 </div>
1089 <div id='q292' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a292').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q293').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q292').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
1090 </div>
1091 <div id='a292' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Make sure you get rid of all the blue tiles as you do this.
1092 </div>
1093 <div id='q293' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a293').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q294').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q293').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
1094 </div>
1095 <div id='a293' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Remember that if Emi's standing on a spinner, you can rotate it by stepping onto an adjacent yellow tile and then back again (as long as the laser won't destroy anything important at least!)
1096 </div>
1097 <div id='q294' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a294').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q295').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q294').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
1098 </div>
1099 <div id='a294' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>To start, go stand on the first blue tile then go to the right spinner: DR, DR, UR
1100 </div>
1101 <div id='q295' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a295').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q296').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q295').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
1102 </div>
1103 <div id='a295' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Then spin the right spinner until you can fire upwards with DR, UL, D, U, D, U, D, U, U
1104 </div>
1105 <div id='q296' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a296').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q297').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q296').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
1106 </div>
1107 <div id='a296' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>To fire it again, you need to spin 6 times. D, UR, DL, DR, UL, D, U, UR, UL, D, D, U, U
1108 </div>
1109 <div id='q297' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a297').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q298').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q297').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
1110 </div>
1111 <div id='a297' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Then rotate 4 times and move over to the left spinner: D, UR, DL, UR, DL, UL, DR, UL, DL
1112 </div>
1113 <div id='q298' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a298').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q299').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q298').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
1114 </div>
1115 <div id='a298' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Rotate the left spinner twice more and then fire upwards: DL, U, UR, DR, DL, UL, UR, DR, DL, DL, U
1116 </div>
1117 </td></tr>
1118 <tr><td valign="top" bgcolor=#948474>
1119 <font size="h4" >Rolling Hexagons</font>
1120 </td><td valign="top" bgcolor=#948474><div id='q299'></div>
1122 <div id='q301' style='display: ' onclick="document.getElementById('a301').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q302').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q301').style.display='none';"><u><i>Click here to view a hint</u></i>
1123 </div>
1124 <div id='a301' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Don't destroy both of the lower two blue tiles at the beginning.
1125 </div>
1126 <div id='q302' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a302').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q303').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q302').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
1127 </div>
1128 <div id='a302' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>After your second move, the two spinners will be in a vertical line. How can you move so that you make them into another vertical line one tile further up?
1129 </div>
1130 <div id='q303' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a303').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q304').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q303').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
1131 </div>
1132 <div id='a303' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>If you step on the top spinner 3 times (without stepping on the other spinner), you'll move the other spinner to touch the first of the three blue tiles.
1133 </div>
1134 <div id='q304' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a304').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q305').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q304').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
1135 </div>
1136 <div id='a304' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>From the start, step U, DR, U, DR, UL, D, U, U
1137 </div>
1138 <div id='q305' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a305').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q306').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q305').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
1139 </div>
1140 <div id='a305' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Then UR, DL, DR, UL, U.
1141 </div>
1142 <div id='q306' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a306').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q307').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q306').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
1143 </div>
1144 <div id='a306' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Then UR, DL, DR, UL, U.
1145 </div>
1146 <div id='q307' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a307').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q308').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q307').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
1147 </div>
1148 <div id='a307' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Then UR, DL, DR, UL, U. for a third time
1149 </div>
1150 <div id='q308' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a308').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q309').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q308').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
1151 </div>
1152 <div id='a308' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Finally: U, U, UR, UR, UR, DR, DR, D, D, DL, UL, UL, D, DR, DL, UL
1153 </div>
1154 </td></tr>
1155 <tr><td valign="top" bgcolor=#847464>
1156 <font size="h4" >Route Finder</font>
1157 </td><td valign="top" bgcolor=#847464><div id='q309'></div>
1159 <div id='q311' style='display: ' onclick="document.getElementById('a311').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q312').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q311').style.display='none';"><u><i>Click here to view a hint</u></i>
1160 </div>
1161 <div id='a311' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>You should finish on the right-hand blue wall. So you need to turn all the blue tiles green.
1162 </div>
1163 <div id='q312' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a312').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q313').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q312').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
1164 </div>
1165 <div id='a312' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Try to break all the tiles except for the blue tile in between the two ice tiles (leave that green) while ending up on the bottom-right route (where the two blue walls start)
1166 </div>
1167 <div id='q313' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a313').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q314').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q313').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
1168 </div>
1169 <div id='a313' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Start UL, DR, DR, UR, DL, UR, UR, D, D, U, D
1170 </div>
1171 <div id='q314' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a314').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q315').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q314').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
1172 </div>
1173 <div id='a314' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Then DR, UR, U, UR, D, UL, UR (10 blue tiles remaining after this)
1174 </div>
1175 <div id='q315' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a315').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q316').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q315').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
1176 </div>
1177 <div id='a315' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Then UR, UR, UL, U, U, UL, UR, DR, UR, DR, DL, D, D (8 blue tiles remaining)
1178 </div>
1179 <div id='q316' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a316').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q317').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q316').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
1180 </div>
1181 <div id='a316' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Then DR, D, UL, DR, D, DL, UL, U, U, DL. Should be easy now!
1182 </div>
1183 </td></tr>
1184 <tr><td valign="top" bgcolor=#948474>
1185 <font size="h4" >Somewhat Constructive</font>
1186 </td><td valign="top" bgcolor=#948474><div id='q317'></div>
1188 <div id='q319' style='display: ' onclick="document.getElementById('a319').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q320').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q319').style.display='none';"><u><i>Click here to view a hint</u></i>
1189 </div>
1190 <div id='a319' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Don't let the builder tiles build any walls. Don't leave green tiles behind.
1191 </div>
1192 <div id='q320' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a320').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q321').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q320').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
1193 </div>
1194 <div id='a320' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>After stepping on the first builder, go: DL, U, UR, DR, D, UR to get to the second builder.
1195 </div>
1196 <div id='q321' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a321').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q322').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q321').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
1197 </div>
1198 <div id='a321' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Then go: UL, D, DR, UR, D to get to the last builder (there's no point stepping onto the right-most builder tile.)
1199 </div>
1200 <div id='q322' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a322').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q323').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q322').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
1201 </div>
1202 <div id='a322' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>In the bottom right corner, a lot of possible moves leave in unsolvable (by making in impossible to leave that area.) If you avoid those moves, it's easy :-)
1203 </div>
1204 <div id='q323' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a323').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q324').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q323').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
1205 </div>
1206 <div id='a323' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>After stepping on the first lift, go: UR, DR, UR, UR, DL, DR, UL, DL, DR, UL.
1207 </div>
1208 </td></tr>
1209 <tr><td valign="top" bgcolor=#847464>
1210 <font size="h4" >Sprocket</font>
1211 </td><td valign="top" bgcolor=#847464><div id='q324'></div>
1213 <div id='q326' style='display: ' onclick="document.getElementById('a326').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q327').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q326').style.display='none';"><u><i>Click here to view a hint</u></i>
1214 </div>
1215 <div id='a326' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>You want all the green walls to end up together near the middle.
1216 </div>
1217 <div id='q327' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a327').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q328').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q327').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
1218 </div>
1219 <div id='a327' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Start with: DR, UR, DR, DR, DR, UL, DR, UL, DR, UL, DR, UL, DR, UL, U (now standing on left-hand spinner)
1220 </div>
1221 <div id='q328' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a328').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q329').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q328').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
1222 </div>
1223 <div id='a328' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Then: U, U, UR, DR, DR, UL, D, UR (now standing on the top-right spinner)
1224 </div>
1225 <div id='q329' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a329').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q330').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q329').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
1226 </div>
1227 <div id='a329' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Then: DR, DR, D, DL, UL, D (the green walls now retract)
1228 </div>
1229 <div id='q330' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a330').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q331').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q330').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
1230 </div>
1231 <div id='a330' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Finally: D, UL, UL, UR, U, UL, UR, DR, DR
1232 </div>
1233 </td></tr>
1234 <tr><td valign="top" bgcolor=#948474>
1235 <font size="h4" >Stripes</font>
1236 </td><td valign="top" bgcolor=#948474><div id='q331'></div>
1238 <div id='q333' style='display: ' onclick="document.getElementById('a333').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q334').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q333').style.display='none';"><u><i>Click here to view a hint</u></i>
1239 </div>
1240 <div id='a333' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>First you need to break all the green tiles and all the blue tiles except the bottom-right-most one.
1241 </div>
1242 <div id='q334' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a334').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q335').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q334').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
1243 </div>
1244 <div id='a334' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Try turning all the blue tiles green first (expect the one in the bottom-right corner.)
1245 </div>
1246 <div id='q335' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a335').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q336').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q335').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
1247 </div>
1248 <div id='a335' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>For example, you could start with: Up*5, Up-right, Down-right, Down*5, Up-right*2, Up*4, Up-right, Down*4, Up-left. This should leave you with an fairly easy green tile problem.
1249 </div>
1250 </td></tr>
1251 <tr><td valign="top" bgcolor=#847464>
1252 <font size="h4" >Switch</font>
1253 </td><td valign="top" bgcolor=#847464><div id='q336'></div>
1255 <div id='q338' style='display: ' onclick="document.getElementById('a338').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q339').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q338').style.display='none';"><u><i>Click here to view a hint</u></i>
1256 </div>
1257 <div id='a338' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Leave the 6 green tiles at the top until you can shoot the yellow tile in the middle of them.
1258 </div>
1259 <div id='q339' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a339').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q340').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q339').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
1260 </div>
1261 <div id='a339' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>The last thing to do is use the trampoline in the bottom-right corner to arrive on the green walls once they retract.
1262 </div>
1263 <div id='q340' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a340').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q341').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q340').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
1264 </div>
1265 <div id='a340' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>You need to step on the spinner twice at the beginning of the level to leave the trampolines in the right place.
1266 </div>
1267 </td></tr>
1268 <tr><td valign="top" bgcolor=#948474>
1269 <font size="h4" >Three More Ways</font>
1270 </td><td valign="top" bgcolor=#948474><div id='q341'></div>
1272 <div id='q343' style='display: ' onclick="document.getElementById('a343').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q344').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q343').style.display='none';"><u><i>Click here to view a hint</u></i>
1273 </div>
1274 <div id='a343' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Leave the top part till last.
1275 </div>
1276 <div id='q344' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a344').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q345').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q344').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
1277 </div>
1278 <div id='a344' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>To complete the bottom-left part, go DL, DL, UL, D, DL, U, DR, DL, UR, UR
1279 </div>
1280 <div id='q345' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a345').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q346').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q345').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
1281 </div>
1282 <div id='a345' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>To complete the bottom-right part, you need to move the bottom-right trampoline to be adjacent to the trampoline you use to enter the bottom-right part. I.e. rotate the bottom-right spinner twice, then the other spinner 3 times.
1283 </div>
1284 <div id='q346' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a346').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q347').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q346').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
1285 </div>
1286 <div id='a346' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>From the centre, to complete the bottom-right part, go DR, DR, UR, DR, D, UL, UL, DR, UL, DL, UR, DR, DL, U, UL
1287 </div>
1288 <div id='q347' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a347').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q348').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q347').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
1289 </div>
1290 <div id='a347' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>For the top part, you want to step on the top spinner once so there's a trampoline beneath it, then use that trampoline to jump over the spinner.
1291 </div>
1292 <div id='q348' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a348').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q349').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q348').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
1293 </div>
1294 <div id='a348' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Moves: U, U, U, DR, U, UR, DR, D, DL, U
1295 </div>
1296 <div id='q349' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a349').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q350').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q349').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
1297 </div>
1298 <div id='a349' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Then from here (the tile above the top spinner) go: D, DL, UL, U, UR, DL
1299 </div>
1300 </td></tr>
1301 <tr><td valign="top" bgcolor=#847464>
1302 <font size="h4" >Trampoline Retrieval</font>
1303 </td><td valign="top" bgcolor=#847464><div id='q350'></div>
1305 <div id='q352' style='display: ' onclick="document.getElementById('a352').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q353').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q352').style.display='none';"><u><i>Click here to view a hint</u></i>
1306 </div>
1307 <div id='a352' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>You need to fetch a trampoline.
1308 </div>
1309 <div id='q353' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a353').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q354').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q353').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
1310 </div>
1311 <div id='a353' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>The green tiles on the right are seperate; you can leave them till you've managed to get a trampoline where you need it.
1312 </div>
1313 <div id='q354' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a354').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q355').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q354').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
1314 </div>
1315 <div id='a354' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>You need to get a trampoline onto the tile down-right of the right-hand spinner.
1316 </div>
1317 <div id='q355' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a355').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q356').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q355').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
1318 </div>
1319 <div id='a355' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>There aren't that many permutations of possible moves involving just the left-hand boat, the trampolines and the spinners.
1320 </div>
1321 <div id='q356' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a356').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q357').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q356').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
1322 </div>
1323 <div id='a356' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Start by taking the left-hand boat down-left, then stepping on the first spinner four times, so the boat is up-left of the right-hand spinner.
1324 </div>
1325 <div id='q357' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a357').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q358').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q357').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
1326 </div>
1327 <div id='a357' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Then starting from standing on the boat go DL, DR, U, UR. Then you should be able to spin the right-hand spinner until the trampoline is where it needs to be.
1328 </div>
1329 <div id='q358' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a358').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q359').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q358').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
1330 </div>
1331 <div id='a358' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Now you can go and get all the green tiles at the right - take the boat up-right, then get all the top group before riding the boat downwards. Finish off the bottom group of green tiles.
1332 </div>
1333 <div id='q359' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a359').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q360').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q359').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
1334 </div>
1335 <div id='a359' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Finally, use the lift to get onto the blue walls from where you can bounce northwards and get the last group of green tiles.
1336 </div>
1337 </td></tr>
1338 <tr><td valign="top" bgcolor=#948474>
1339 <font size="h4" >Trampolines</font>
1340 </td><td valign="top" bgcolor=#948474><div id='q360'></div>
1342 <div id='q362' style='display: ' onclick="document.getElementById('a362').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q363').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q362').style.display='none';"><u><i>Click here to view a hint</u></i>
1343 </div>
1344 <div id='a362' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Don't leave any green tiles behind. Remember to use undo (right mouse button or 'Z' on keyboard) if you make mistakes.
1345 </div>
1346 <div id='q363' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a363').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q364').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q363').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
1347 </div>
1348 <div id='a363' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Start by bouncing downwards off the first trampoline, then go down once more then up-right.
1349 </div>
1350 <div id='q364' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a364').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q365').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q364').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
1351 </div>
1352 <div id='a364' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Demolish the remaining 6 green tiles in this section before taking the next trampoline down-left.
1353 </div>
1354 <div id='q365' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a365').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q366').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q365').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
1355 </div>
1356 <div id='a365' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Then bounce up-left from the bottom-right most trampoline.
1357 </div>
1358 <div id='q366' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a366').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q367').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q366').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
1359 </div>
1360 <div id='a366' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Then bounce downwards.
1361 </div>
1362 <div id='q367' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a367').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q368').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q367').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
1363 </div>
1364 <div id='a367' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Then UR, U, UL, UL to arrive it the top-left section after taking out the remaing 3 green tiles in the middle..
1365 </div>
1366 <div id='q368' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a368').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q369').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q368').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
1367 </div>
1368 <div id='a368' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Finally, go UR, DL, UL (so the wall stops you drowing on your last move)
1369 </div>
1370 </td></tr>
1371 <tr><td valign="top" bgcolor=#847464>
1372 <font size="h4" >Transport Hub</font>
1373 </td><td valign="top" bgcolor=#847464><div id='q369'></div>
1375 <div id='q371' style='display: ' onclick="document.getElementById('a371').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q372').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q371').style.display='none';"><u><i>Click here to view a hint</u></i>
1376 </div>
1377 <div id='a371' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>The blue tiles can be ignored.
1378 </div>
1379 <div id='q372' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a372').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q373').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q372').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
1380 </div>
1381 <div id='a372' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Go for two lonely green tiles first.
1382 </div>
1383 <div id='q373' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a373').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q374').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q373').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
1384 </div>
1385 <div id='a373' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Start with DL, DL, UR, U, U, D, DR (get the top-most green tile)
1386 </div>
1387 <div id='q374' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a374').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q375').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q374').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
1388 </div>
1389 <div id='a374' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Consider how to get to the right-most green tiles.
1390 </div>
1391 <div id='q375' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a375').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q376').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q375').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
1392 </div>
1393 <div id='a375' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>If you could take a boat down-right from the tile below where you start...
1394 </div>
1395 <div id='q376' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a376').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q377').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q376').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
1396 </div>
1397 <div id='a376' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Take the left-most boat up-right, then down-right
1398 </div>
1399 <div id='q377' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a377').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q378').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q377').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
1400 </div>
1401 <div id='a377' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>If you're having trouble with that, remember you could leave one of the left-hand set of green tiles unbroken.
1402 </div>
1403 <div id='q378' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a378').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q379').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q378').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
1404 </div>
1405 <div id='a378' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Next moves are: UR, D, D, U, UL (get the bottom-most green tile)
1406 </div>
1407 <div id='q379' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a379').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q380').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q379').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
1408 </div>
1409 <div id='a379' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Then: UL, UL, UL, D, D, D, D, D, D, DR, UR, UL, UR (now on a boat just below the grey tile)
1410 </div>
1411 <div id='q380' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a380').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q381').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q380').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
1412 </div>
1413 <div id='a380' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Finally: UL, UL, DR, DR, DR, U, UL, U, U, U, UL, DL, DL
1414 </div>
1415 </td></tr>
1416 <tr><td valign="top" bgcolor=#948474>
1417 <font size="h4" >Trigger Happy</font>
1418 </td><td valign="top" bgcolor=#948474><div id='q381'></div>
1420 <div id='q383' style='display: ' onclick="document.getElementById('a383').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q384').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q383').style.display='none';"><u><i>Click here to view a hint</u></i>
1421 </div>
1422 <div id='a383' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>You destroy the three green walls at the right by shooting the yellow tile adjacent to them.
1423 </div>
1424 <div id='q384' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a384').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q385').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q384').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
1425 </div>
1426 <div id='a384' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>You fire a laser down-right to do this.
1427 </div>
1428 <div id='q385' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a385').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q386').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q385').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
1429 </div>
1430 <div id='a385' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>But you can only fire that laser twice.
1431 </div>
1432 <div id='q386' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a386').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q387').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q386').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
1433 </div>
1434 <div id='a386' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>So shoot out a grey tile by firing the laser in the middle upwards.
1435 </div>
1436 <div id='q387' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a387').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q388').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q387').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
1437 </div>
1438 <div id='a387' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Inital moves are: UL, U, UL, U, UR, U, UL, U, UL
1439 </div>
1440 <div id='q388' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a388').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q389').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q388').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
1441 </div>
1442 <div id='a388' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Then take out all the green tiles and fire a laser upwards from the bottom-centre yellow tiles to destroy a grey tile.
1443 </div>
1444 <div id='q389' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a389').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q390').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q389').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
1445 </div>
1446 <div id='a389' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Then trample the blue tile in the bottom left and the attached 7 green tiles (used to be green walls)
1447 </div>
1448 <div id='q390' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a390').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q391').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q390').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
1449 </div>
1450 <div id='a390' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Then fire the laser near the top of the level down-right twice to take out the left-overs from near the beginning.
1451 </div>
1452 <div id='q391' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a391').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q392').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q391').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
1453 </div>
1454 <div id='a391' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Move sequence for last section (after breaking the bottom-left blue tile and attached greens), stand on top-left grey tile then go: UR, DR, U, UR, DL, UR, DR, U, DR (fire), UL, DR (fire), UR, UL
1455 </div>
1456 </td></tr>
1457 <tr><td valign="top" bgcolor=#847464>
1458 <font size="h4" >Turtle</font>
1459 </td><td valign="top" bgcolor=#847464><div id='q392'></div>
1461 <div id='q394' style='display: ' onclick="document.getElementById('a394').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q395').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q394').style.display='none';"><u><i>Click here to view a hint</u></i>
1462 </div>
1463 <div id='a394' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Try to go around anti-clockwise, getting the four "legs" as you go. Leave the "head" till last.
1464 </div>
1465 <div id='q395' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a395').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q396').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q395').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
1466 </div>
1467 <div id='a395' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Get all the legs except the first one by jumping onto the extremity from the nearest trampoline.
1468 </div>
1469 <div id='q396' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a396').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q397').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q396').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
1470 </div>
1471 <div id='a396' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Get the head by jumping upwards on the middle column of trampolines and finish on the blue "head" tile. This is quite a hard level, so experiment a bit before reading more hints.
1472 </div>
1473 <div id='q397' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a397').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q398').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q397').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
1474 </div>
1475 <div id='a397' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Move sequence (there are variations on this which work, too): UL, DR, UL, U, U, DL, UL, UR (Now on top-right leg)
1476 </div>
1477 <div id='q398' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a398').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q399').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q398').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
1478 </div>
1479 <div id='a398' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Then: DL, UL, DL, U, UL, DL, DL, DR, DR, DL, UL (Now on top-left leg)
1480 </div>
1481 <div id='q399' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a399').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q400').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q399').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
1482 </div>
1483 <div id='a399' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Then: DR, D, D, UR, DR, DL (Now on bottom-left leg)
1484 </div>
1485 <div id='q400' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a400').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q401').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q400').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
1486 </div>
1487 <div id='a400' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Finally: UR, DR, DR, U, UR, UR, D, DR, DL, DL, U, U (Done!)
1488 </div>
1489 </td></tr>
1490 <tr><td valign="top" bgcolor=#948474>
1491 <font size="h4" >Two Fish</font>
1492 </td><td valign="top" bgcolor=#948474><div id='q401'></div>
1494 <div id='q403' style='display: ' onclick="document.getElementById('a403').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q404').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q403').style.display='none';"><u><i>Click here to view a hint</u></i>
1495 </div>
1496 <div id='a403' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Break all the raised green tiles before jumping down. (You can't break all the blue tiles, so there's no way to lower the raised blue tiles.)
1497 </div>
1498 <div id='q404' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a404').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q405').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q404').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
1499 </div>
1500 <div id='a404' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>This level should be fairly easy. If you're having problems, try playing the level "Stripes" again.
1501 </div>
1502 </td></tr>
1503 <tr><td valign="top" bgcolor=#847464>
1504 <font size="h4" >Wand</font>
1505 </td><td valign="top" bgcolor=#847464><div id='q405'></div>
1507 <div id='q407' style='display: ' onclick="document.getElementById('a407').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q408').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q407').style.display='none';"><u><i>Click here to view a hint</u></i>
1508 </div>
1509 <div id='a407' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>You don't need to break all the blue tiles.
1510 </div>
1511 <div id='q408' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a408').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q409').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q408').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
1512 </div>
1513 <div id='a408' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Get the left-most green tile last. (Not counting the green wall)
1514 </div>
1515 <div id='q409' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a409').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q410').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q409').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
1516 </div>
1517 <div id='a409' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Get the right-most green tile second to last.
1518 </div>
1519 <div id='q410' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a410').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q411').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q410').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
1520 </div>
1521 <div id='a410' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>First follow one of the blue paths, breaking it completely as you go.
1522 </div>
1523 <div id='q411' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a411').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q412').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q411').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
1524 </div>
1525 <div id='a411' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Move list: Start with: DR, DR, UL, DR, DR, UR, DL, UR, U, U, D, UL, U, U, DL, DR
1526 </div>
1527 <div id='q412' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a412').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q413').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q412').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
1528 </div>
1529 <div id='a412' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Then finish with: UR, DL, DL, D, UL, UL
1530 </div>
1531 </td></tr>
1532 <tr><td valign="top" bgcolor=#948474>
1533 <font size="h4" >Wave Cannon</font>
1534 </td><td valign="top" bgcolor=#948474><div id='q413'></div>
1536 <div id='q415' style='display: ' onclick="document.getElementById('a415').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q416').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q415').style.display='none';"><u><i>Click here to view a hint</u></i>
1537 </div>
1538 <div id='a415' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>If you had enough jump pickups, you could stand on the spinner, and keep firing lasers upwards to take out the green tiles in the top-left corner.
1539 </div>
1540 <div id='q416' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a416').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q417').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q416').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
1541 </div>
1542 <div id='a416' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Go round the blue tile area clockwise, finishing by bouncing down-left off the trampoline. You want to make a profit of 3 jumps, and leave no green tiles behind.
1543 </div>
1544 <div id='q417' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a417').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q418').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q417').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
1545 </div>
1546 <div id='a417' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Remember that a dead-end string of blue tiles can be cleared by jumping on the end tile then reversing direction.
1547 </div>
1548 <div id='q418' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a418').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q419').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q418').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
1549 </div>
1550 <div id='a418' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>After landing next to the spinner (with 3 jumps in hand), going: DL, jump, U, D, jump, U, D, jump, U should finish the level.
1551 </div>
1552 <div id='q419' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a419').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q420').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q419').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
1553 </div>
1554 <div id='a419' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Solution: Start with UR, DR, UR, DR, UR, UR, DL, UR
1555 </div>
1556 <div id='q420' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a420').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q421').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q420').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
1557 </div>
1558 <div id='a420' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Then: UR, UR, D, UL, DR, U, UR, U, UR, DR, jump, UL, DL, D, DR
1559 </div>
1560 <div id='q421' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a421').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q422').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q421').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
1561 </div>
1562 <div id='a421' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Then: D, U, D, DR, D, U, D, D, DR, UL, DR, D, D, UL, UR, D, UL, UL
1563 </div>
1564 <div id='q422' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a422').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q423').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q422').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
1565 </div>
1566 <div id='a422' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Then: DL, UR, DL, UL, U, U, DR, UL, DR, DL, DL, DR
1567 </div>
1568 <div id='q423' style='display: none' onclick="document.getElementById('a423').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q424').style.display=''; document.getElementById('q423').style.display='none';"><u><i>Another hint...</u></i>
1569 </div>
1570 <div id='a423' style='display: none' ><b>+ </b>Finally: UL, UL, UL, DR, UL, U, DL, then you're in position to fire those lasers.
1571 </div><div id='q424'></div>
1573 </td></tr>
1575 </table>
1577 </body>
1578 </html>