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last changeTue, 13 May 2014 15:52:09 +0000 (13 17:52 +0200)
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2014-05-13 Bert Wesarggit-gui: add build tabbw/master
2014-05-04 Bert Wesarggit-gui: git env proxy feature
2014-05-04 Bert Wesarggit-gui: add grep tab
2014-05-04 Bert Wesarggit-gui: add file browser tab
2014-05-04 Bert Wesarggit-gui: add tab interface and use it for the blame...
2014-05-02 Bert Wesarggit-gui: open the staged content of a file in the editor
2014-05-02 Bert Wesarggit-gui: open file with GIT_EDITOR
2014-05-02 Bert Wesarggit-gui: line number columns for diff view
2014-05-02 Bert Wesarggit-gui: use brighter colors
2014-05-02 Bert Wesarggit-gui: have a context menu in the file lists
2014-05-02 Bert Wesarggit-gui: Ctrl+R
2014-05-02 Bert Wesarggit-gui: use the weight feature for ttk's paned windows
2014-05-02 Bert Wesarggit-gui: align the current path label to the right
2014-05-02 Bert Wesarggit-gui: support for diff3 conflict style
2014-05-02 Bert Wesarggit-gui: delegate selection from gutter columns to...
2014-05-02 Bert Wesarggit-gui: support for reverting hunks and lines
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