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            == Java GIT and Eclipse GIT plugin ==

Parts of this package are licensed under the GPL, and others are
licensed under the LGPL and EPL.  Please refer to the COPYING
and LICENSE files for the complete licenses within each package,
and please refer to the individual source file header to determine
which license covers it.

This package is actually composed of three major components:


    A pure Java library capable of being run standalone, with no
    additional support libraries.  Some JUnit tests are provided
    to exercise the library.  The library provides functions to
    read and write a GIT formatted repository.

    All portions of jgit are covered by the GPL.  Absolute no EPL
    contributions are accepted within this package.


    An Eclipse plugin providing an interface to org.spearce.jgit
    and support routines to allow processing against the Eclipse
    workspace and resource APIs, rather than the standard Java
    file APIs.  It also supplies the team provider implementation.

    Portions of this package are covered under the LGPL and others
    under the EPL.  Refer to individual file headers for details.


    An Eclipse plugin providing the user interface on top of

    Portions of this package are covered under the LGPL and others
    under the EPL.  Refer to individual file headers for details.

            == WARNINGS / CAVEATS              ==

- The Eclipse plugin doesn't always save the workbench state when
  projects get closed or the workbench is shutdown.  This means
  the current state of files may be lost.

- The plugin could lockup your Eclipse workbench.  I've tried to
  make it stable and function in such a way that it can't crash
  the workbench, but that doesn't mean it won't.  :-)

- This package might eat your files.  Everything I've added to a
  repository with it has unpacked properly both with itself and
  with the canonical C based implementation, but that doesn't mean
  it won't generate a corrupt object.

- This package cannot read the new loose object format header
  just added to canonical GIT in mid-July 2006 by Linus Torvalds.
  Support for that will be coming soon.

- This package won't damage an existing symlink stored within a
  repository but it can't create a new symlink from the filesystem,
  nor can it extract a symlink from the repository to the filesystem.
  This is due to Java's lack of symlink support.

- It may take a long time to connect the GIT team provider to an
  existing project full of files as the cache tree needs to be
  generated from scratch.  This can take a while as most Java SHA1
  implementations are not exactly the fastest SHA1 implementations

            == Package Features                ==


    * Read loose and packed commits, trees, blobs, including
      deltafied objects.

    * Write loose commits, trees, blobs.

    * Write blobs from local files or Java InputStreams.

    * Read blobs as Java InputStreams.

    * Copy trees to local directory, or local directory to a tree.

    * Create an N-way structual difference between N trees
      (minimum of 2, maximum is limited only by available memory).

    * Lazily loads trees as necessary.

    * Read and write .git/config files.

    * Create a new repository.

    * Read and write refs, including walking through symrefs.


    * Supplies an Eclipse team provider.

    * Connect/disconnect the provider to a project.

    * Search for the repositories associated with a project by
      autodecting the GIT repository directories.

    * Store which repositories are tied to which containers in the
      Eclipse workspace.

    * Maintains a cache tree holding a snapshot of the workspace.
      The cache tree is diff'd against the current `HEAD` to show
      file status in the decorator.

    * Runs a checkpoint job to flush the cache tree to the repository
      on a periodic basis.

    * Tracks moves/renames/deletes and reflects them in the cache

    * Resolves through linked containers.


    * Connect team provider wizard panels.

    * Connect to GIT team provider by making a new repository.

    * Connect to GIT team provider by searching local filesystem
      for existing repository directories.

    * Team actions: track (add), untrack (remove), disconnect.

    * Resource director shows file/directory state in the explorer
      various views (e.g. Navigator and Package Explorer).

            == Missing Features                ==

- Commit from within the Eclipse UI.

- Difference work file against historical version and display
  the difference in the Eclipse difference viewer.

- GIT network protocol to pull objects from a remote repository or
  push objects to a remote repository.

- Common base computation for a merge base.

- Generate a GIT format patch.

- Apply a GIT format patch.

- Documentation.  :-)

            == About GIT                       ==

More information about GIT, its repository format, and the canonical
C based implementation can be obtained from the GIT websites:
2007-07-02 Dave WatsonRepositoryConfig handles bare entries with no =master
2007-07-02 Dave WatsonImproved keyboard handling of CommitDialog
2007-07-02 Dave WatsonWrites out index when adding to index from commit dialog
2007-06-29 Dave WatsonCommitAction now resets its member variables each time...
2007-06-29 Dave WatsonAdded .git to default ignore pattern for Team
2007-06-29 Dave WatsonApproximately 10x speedup for finding changed files
2007-06-29 Dave WatsonPrevents amending when multiple repos are selected
2007-06-28 Dave WatsonCommitDialog: Added context menu to add selected entrie...
2007-06-28 Dave WatsonCommiting works with multiple projects regardless of...
2007-06-27 Dave WatsonDoesn't look at execute bit for difference if we can...
2007-06-27 Dave WatsonTries to find project-specific file before workspace.
2007-06-27 Dave WatsonAllows '-' to be part of base name in configs
2007-06-27 Dave WatsonCommitAction properly handles multiple projects
2007-06-27 Dave WatsonUses filesystem, index, and HEAD to to show changed...
2007-06-27 Dave WatsonWrites reflog for branch as well as for HEAD.
2007-06-27 Dave WatsonCommitDialog intelligently adds the previous commit...
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