Simplify instructions for checking cvs2svn out of Subversion.
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12 <title>cvs2svn - CVS to Subversion Repository Converter</title>
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22 <b>
23 Mail <a
24 href="/servlets/ProjectMailingListList"></a>
25 if you have any questions or encounter any problems. You can also ask
26 questions on IRC at <tt><a
27 href="irc://"></a></tt>, channel
28 <tt><a href="irc://">#cvs2svn</a></tt>.
29 </b>
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36 <h3>What Is cvs2svn?</h3>
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42 <p>cvs2svn is a tool for migrating a CVS repository to Subversion,
43 git, or Bazaar. The main design goals are robustness and 100% data
44 preservation. cvs2svn can convert just about any CVS repository we've
45 ever seen, including gcc, Mozilla, FreeBSD, KDE, GNOME...</p>
47 <p>cvs2svn infers what happened in the history of your CVS repository
48 and replicates that history as accurately as possible in the target
49 SCM. All revisions, branches, tags, log messages, author names, and
50 commit dates are converted. cvs2svn deduces what CVS modifications
51 were made at the same time, and outputs these modifications grouped
52 together as changesets in the target SCM. cvs2svn also deals with
53 many CVS quirks and is highly configurable. See the comprehensive <a
54 href="features.html">feature list</a>.</p>
56 <p>You can get the latest release from the <a
57 href=""
58 >Downloads Area</a>. Please read <a href="cvs2svn.html">the
59 documentation</a> carefully before using cvs2svn.</p>
61 <p>For general use, the most recent released version of cvs2svn is
62 usually the best choice. However, if you want to use the newest
63 cvs2svn features or if you're debugging or patching cvs2svn, you might
64 want to use the trunk version (which is usually quite stable). To do
65 so, use Subversion to check out a working copy from <a
66 href=""
67 ></a> using a command like</p>
68 <pre>
69 svn co --username=guest --password="" cvs2svn-trunk
70 </pre>
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