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descriptionEric Blake's GNU Autoconf patches
last changeThu, 15 Sep 2016 00:37:38 +0000 (14 19:37 -0500)
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Patches which have not yet matured enough to migrate to the master repository, but which I want to track between multiple machines.

Feel free to push your own anonymous patches to the mob branch without needing any password:

git push +committish:mob

but if you want me to do anything with your patch, you should then tell what you pushed.

2016-09-15 Eric BlakeAC_HEADER_MAJOR: port to glibc 2.25master
2016-09-14 Paul Eggertdoc: resplit lines to avoid Texinfo chaos
2016-09-14 Paul EggertAC_USE_SYSTEM_EXTENSIONS: port to recent ISO C
2016-09-14 Paul Eggertdoc: port to Texinfo 6.3
2016-09-13 Eric Blakedoc: use @xref correctly
2016-05-31 Paul EggertPort AC_CHECK_HEADER_STDBOOL to C++11
2016-04-03 Paul EggertUse American spelling for "initialize"
2016-03-15 Paul Eggertautom4te: fix problem when tracing to '-'
2016-03-15 Paul EggertAlso try clang
2016-03-15 Paul EggertPort C11 and C++11 testing to clang
2016-03-15 Paul EggertFix broken URL to Unix history
2016-02-23 Paul EggertAC_C_RESTRICT: port better to non-GCC + glibc
2016-02-07 Paul EggertMove config.* man pages to its source tree
2016-02-07 Paul Eggertmaint: make update-copyright
2016-02-07 Paul Eggertport to new Autom4te::XFile API
2016-02-07 Paul Eggertmake fetch
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