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Fiinger.git wiimote driver + useful apps 10 years ago
jrugr.git Jrugr: X11 keyboard layout switcher 3 years ago
openbox.git Openbox Window Manager 13 months ago
softwedge.git A software X11 keyboard wedge for serial... 8 years ago
switcha.git A fast window switcher and launcher for X aurelien.gateau... 11 years ago
wmiirc-lua.git wmiirc written in lua 9 years ago
xcbproto.git mirror of xcb/proto from 8 weeks ago
xfwm4.git git-svn checkout of the trunk of Xfce's windo... 11 years ago
xlua.git X11 lua bindings + some fun scripts 10 years ago
xorg_rtime.git A new scheduler for Xserver 10 years ago