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Project Description Owner Last Change
900513.git No commits
android_projects.git Various Android Projects mustafasakarya1986... 8 years ago
autoform-autocomplete-array.git 3 years ago
bridge-dev.git my dev tree for bridge 10 years ago
centerim5.git a textmode multi-protocol im client 4 months ago
cmus.git ncurses based music player 10 years ago
cryptdemo.git Automated encryption and decryption in Git... je@ne.regrette.rien 7 years ago
elinks.git The ultimate text WWW browser 18 months ago
ETest.git Emacs Test Framework etest@shellarchive... 10 years ago
git-gui.git Tk based UI for Git 23 months ago
git/gitbuild.git Build collective (tags only) 9 years ago
git/gitweb.git Gitweb development nest 6 weeks ago
git/libgit-gsoc.git GIT Library Google Summer of Code project 11 years ago
grails.git 10 years ago
gtkmmProject.git gtk project 10 years ago
learning-git.git 9 years ago
ltp-debian.git Debian packages of ltp 9 years ago
luajson.git JSON Parser/Constructor for Lua Uses LPeg... 2 years ago
mlmbzz.git mlmbzz No commits
MMN.git No commits
nasm.git The Netwide Assembler 5 weeks ago
NightStalker.git NightStalker Portal No commits
official-gcc/graphite-test-results.git GCC graphite test results grosser@fim.uni... 8 years ago
opentekkamanninja.git tekkamanninja's open sources project No commits
phoronix-test-suite.git Phoronix Test Suite 3 years ago
phoronix-test-suite/plouj.git Plouj's Phoronix Test Suite 10 years ago
psutd.git No commits
smart-load-test.git A smart load test framework imyousuf@smartitengineeri... 9 years ago
tcpl.git tcplsol: High-quality solutions to exercises... 9 years ago
topgit.git TopGit - A different patch queue manager 5 years ago
yap.git Yet Another (Git) Porcelein 9 years ago