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Project Description Owner Last Change
AboutConfig.git AboutConfig extension aboutconfig-owner... 9 years ago
ego.git E Goes Online 10 years ago
FireMan.git A firefox extension for viewing and browsing... 9 years ago
git/fastimport.git Git fast import (from Mozilla CVS conversion... 9 years ago
LocalLink.git LocalLink extension locallink-owner... 7 years ago
mozilla-1.9.git Mirror of Mozilla 1.9 mercurial repository 9 years ago
mozilla-1.9/b1.git Mozilla 1.9beta1 Milestone 11 years ago
mozilla-1.9/b2.git Mozilla 1.9beta2 Milestone 11 years ago
mozilla-1.9/m8.git Mozilla 1.9alpha8 Milestone 11 years ago
mozilla-central.git git mirror of mozilla-central 8 years ago
mozilla-extra.git Mozilla extensions 10 years ago
mozilla-nspr.git Mozilla NSPR module 10 years ago
mozilla-nss.git Mozilla NSS module 10 years ago
mozilla_edje_plugin.git Mozilla Edje Plugin 10 years ago
QuoteCollapse.git QuoteCollapse extension quotecollapse-owner... 6 months ago