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Project Description Owner Last Change
fbff.git A small ffmpeg-based framebuffer media player 3 years ago
dirac_parser.git A parser for the Dirac video coder andrea.gabriellini... 12 years ago
schro_experiments.git Experiments on a Dirac video codec andrea.gabriellini... No commits
pyTivo.git pyTivo lets you stream most videos from your... 12 years ago
cinelerra_cv.git The Cinelerra Video editor, community version 12 years ago
schroedinger.git An implementation of Dirac 8 years ago
mplayer/kovensky.git Sources used to build Kovensky's MPlayer 10 years ago
spidio.git Spidio, a Video Library System dwlnetnl@users.sourceforg... 12 years ago
libass.git Portable ASS/SSA subtitle renderer 7 years ago
aftubes.git Modular non-destructive audio/video processor 11 years ago
rawv.git low-latency lossless video streaming over... 7 years ago
abby.git abby is a front-end for cclive 10 years ago
qallinone.git A media player which can play any media forma... 6 years ago
opal.git Unofficial OPAL (OpenH323) repository 13 years ago
microdia.git Microdia : webcam kernel driver, for USB... 11 years ago
VideoToiPod.git An Automator Action to encode videos to iPod... 13 years ago
vapoursynth-svn.git A frameserver for the 21st century. (old... 7 years ago
FFMpeg-mirror.git Mirror of the official FFMpeg Git repo 5 hours ago
radcan.git Radio-Canada audio video zone access 12 years ago
theora-davinci.git Ogg Theora Codec for TI C64x DSP 11 years ago
dirac-spec-errata.git MOVED TO GITHUB (My proposed corrections... 8 years ago
mplayer.git MPlayer development branch uoti.urpala@pp1... 6 years ago
mplayer-build.git Scripts to build MPlayer together with needed... uoti.urpala@pp1... 7 years ago
vlc.git VLC Development tree mirror 31 hours ago