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Project Description Owner Last Change
katrin-web.git 13 years ago
xxxterm/127001.git isalwaysright@conformalirc 9 years ago
js-i18n.git A client-side internationalization library... 12 years ago
cl-trane.git A Common Lisp framework for creating RESTful... mpasternacki@common... 9 years ago
MonkeyD.git A Fast and Lightweight Wev Server for Linux 10 years ago
lighttpd.git A fast webserver with minimal memory-footprin... 14 months ago A fetcher and viewer for webcomics, in Python 12 years ago
fuse-mediawiki.git A FUSE filesystem for editing MediaWiki websites 11 years ago
tourist.git A generic framework for building webservices... 13 years ago
voodoo.git A light-weight CMS built on Zope 3 12 years ago
urlwatch.git A tool for monitoring webpages for updates 6 years ago
canvas.git A Web Application Development Framework for... 13 years ago
pictrails.git A Web Photo Gallery, written with Rails 2... 13 years ago
conkeror.git a xulrunner web browser with an emacs-like... 2 years ago
conkeror/arlinius.git arlinius' conkeror repository 8 years ago
beanstalkd.git Beanstalkd is a fast, distributed, in-memory... 2 months ago
nginx-catap.git catap's nginx repository 11 years ago
cds-indico.git CDS Indico - Event management jose.pedro.ferreira... 5 years ago
girocco/ztw.git cleanup, watchpoints, and more 11 years ago
toopaste.git code paste web app in Ruby 13 years ago
hunchentoot.git Common Lisp web server 6 weeks ago Development repo of the web of 12 years ago
git-browser/dscho.git Dscho's modifications to the git-browser johannes.schindelin... 12 years ago
erlware-site.git Erlware Website 12 years ago
estigi.git Estigi CMS 11 years ago
stkwebcam.git Experimental and unofficial branch of driver... 12 years ago
webbrowser.git Experimental WebKit port 11 years ago
git-browser.git gitk-like web interface 4 months ago
git/gitweb-caching.git Gitweb caching 12 years ago
git/gitweb.git Gitweb development nest 14 months ago
git/gitweb-warthdog9.git gitweb fork used by (by John ... 10 years ago
gruta.git Gruta, a web content management system in... 9 years ago
gwiad.git Gwiad is a framework for building a Web Serve... 10 years ago
YAH5BP.git Html boilerplate 10 years ago
ical-aggregator.git ICalendar aggregator 10 years ago
mereo.git Mereo 12 years ago
microdia.git Microdia : webcam kernel driver, for USB... 12 years ago
django.git Mirror of the django web framework 12 years ago
gaixie.git Modular web applications based on OSGi 11 years ago
archweb_dev-nj.git Nathan's archweb_dev tree 13 years ago
kratosorange.git Nike + iPod sports kit open source web interface 14 years ago
zip-doc.git Offline way of accessing Wikipedia, and maybe... 14 years ago
orgweb.git orgmode parser in python 13 years ago
oxy-cursors.git Oxygen cursors, gitweb mirror 13 years ago
faqr.git Parse logs (initially from irc conversations... 13 years ago
blosxom-plugins.git Plugins for the Blosxom Blog Script 13 years ago
pywebkitgtk.git Python bindings to the WebKit GTK+ port 11 years ago
enkel.git Python web development library 14 years ago
remote/remote-ws.git Re-Mote Web Services 13 years ago
Folio.git Simple web application for artists, designers... 13 years ago
lightydir.git Smart directory listing for web servers 13 years ago
specialops1.git Special Ops source code from the bad old... mikeonthecomputer... 15 years ago
specialops2.git Special Ops source code from the bad old... mikeonthecomputer... 12 years ago
girocco.git The duct tape "Girocco" 5 days ago
elinks.git The ultimate text WWW browser 3 years ago
ical-validator.git validate icalendar data 7 years ago
swisdk.git Web application framework 13 years ago
kamitsukai.git Web based library system for keeping track... 12 years ago
cgit.git web interface (cgi) for git repositories... 12 days ago
ebb.git web server 13 years ago
eidogo.git web-based go software 13 years ago
pootle.git Web-based translation and translation managem... wynand.winterbach... 12 years ago
pandav-og.git WebDAV server library (personal branch) 13 years ago
webkit/qt.git WebKit/Qt repo 12 years ago
webkpasswd.git webkpasswd - changes kerberos password via... 10 years ago
stream.git Weblog app based on diary view 13 years ago Website for aggregating open source projects 7 years ago
wrigit.git Wrigit helps you create and manage your weblo... 13 years ago
xxxterm.git XXXTerm 9 years ago
chew.git yawn...another web framework 13 years ago