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Project Description Owner Last Change
neatvi.git A small ex/vi editor 24 hours ago
fbvnc.git A small linux framebuffer vnc viewer 4 days ago
fbff.git A small ffmpeg-based framebuffer media player 4 days ago
fbpad.git A small linux framebuffer virtual terminal 4 days ago
smenu.git Get words from stdin and create a nice windo... 7 days ago
mldonkey.git mldonkey - cross-platform multi-network p2p... 9 days ago
alpine.git Alpine is a program to manage e-mail 4 weeks ago
rover.git simple file browser for the terminal 2 months ago
minmad.git A small libmad/oss mp3 player 6 months ago
pop3.git A simple pop3 client and MDA 8 months ago
smtp.git A small smtp client 10 months ago
neatmail.git A command-line mail client. 10 months ago
congif.git convert script(1) output to GIF 18 months ago
centerim5.git a textmode multi-protocol im client 22 months ago
ng-jackspa.git simple LADSPA plugin hosts for JACK (cli... 4 years ago
elinks.git The ultimate text WWW browser 5 years ago
iomenu.git Interactive line selection for the terminal. 5 years ago
tig.git Text-mode interface for git 5 years ago
centerim.git a textmode multi-protocol im client 5 years ago
mailx.git A small mailx clone 7 years ago
ctxt.git A simple plain text to html/troff/latex converter 9 years ago
oggquiz.git A simple quiz on songs from your ogg/vorbis... 10 years ago
0verkill.git 0verkill, a game in ASCII-Art 11 years ago
iii.git i (je) ii (irc it), some modifications that... je@ne.regrette.rien 11 years ago
simpleburner.git To make Your burning CD/DVD's easier 12 years ago
cmover.git Move a character over the screen 12 years ago
monikop.git Monikop provides an automated means for data... 12 years ago
fswebcam.git Small and simple webcam software for *nix. 12 years ago
gitology.git Git based blog/wiki system using DJango 13 years ago
python-gnt.git Python bindings for libgnt, an ncurses toolki... 13 years ago
centerim/davrieb.git a textmode multi-protocol im client 14 years ago
cmus.git ncurses based music player 14 years ago
gnt.git Glib Ncurses Toolkit. 14 years ago
ttodo.git A text-mode hierarchical todo list manager. 15 years ago