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Project Description Owner Last Change
geiser.git Emacs and Scheme talk to each other 46 hours ago
markdown-mode.git Major mode to edit Markdown files in Emacs 5 months ago
org-mode/org-tableheadings.git org-mode fork for development of tableheadings Stromeko@Stromeko.DE 6 months ago
org-mode.git Org-mode, an Emacs mode for organizing your... 10 months ago
conkeror.git a xulrunner web browser with an emacs-like... 11 months ago
anything-config.git Predefined sources and actions for anything.el 21 months ago
gnus.git Gnus repository mirror 2 years ago
planner-el.git Planner: an organizer and day planner for... 4 years ago
fileset-whole.git extension to emacs filesets 5 years ago
conkeror/arlinius.git arlinius' conkeror repository 5 years ago
sepia.git Simple Emacs Perl InterAction 5 years ago
google-weather-el.git Access to Google Weather API from Emacs 7 years ago
ebib.git A BibTeX database manager for Emacs 7 years ago
org2blog.git org2blog/atom: Post from org-mode to Blogger... 7 years ago
elinstall.git Elisp installer for emacs 7 years ago
tinydb.git Elisp code that helps values to persist acros... 7 years ago
project-buffer-mode.git Emacs mode to manage project 8 years ago
elbb.git Emacs Lisp Bill-Board 8 years ago
bbdb-vcard.git vCard Import and Export for The Insidious... 8 years ago
muse-el.git Emacs Muse: an authoring and publishing envir... 8 years ago
temp.git my emacs tree 8 years ago
wesnoth-mode.git Emacs major-mode for editing WML 8 years ago
erlware-mode.git Erlware Erlang Emacs Mode 8 years ago
bigclean-emacs.git Bigclean's own emacs configurations. 8 years ago
more-wl.git Patches for Wanderlust 9 years ago
eclim-emacs.git A frontend to eclim 9 years ago
ETest.git Emacs Test Framework etest@shellarchive... 9 years ago
srid.dotfiles.git Sridhar's unix/cygwin dotfiles including... 9 years ago
ngit.git Attempt to write new emacs mode for work... 9 years ago
markdown-mode/intrigeri.git intrigeri branches for markdown-mode 10 years ago
remember-el.git Remember - a minimal PIM for Emacs 10 years ago
ectags.git Exuberant Ctags Support for GNU emacs 10 years ago
ess.git Emacs Speaks Statistics 10 years ago
meg.git mediogre's emacs goodies 10 years ago
vee.git Vic's Emacs Environment 11 years ago
emacs-config.git My Emacs config No commits