2009-09-11 Thomas LeonardStart development series 0.42.1-postmaster
2009-09-11 Thomas LeonardRelease 0.42.1
2009-09-11 Rene LopezRemoved unused instances of gtk.tooltips
2009-09-11 Rene LopezFix zero-install.ui duplicate object
2009-09-06 Thomas Leonard0desktop sets the Terminal flag correctly
2009-09-06 Thomas LeonardIn the Preferences box, sort the domains in the list...
2009-09-06 Thomas LeonardStart development series 0.42-post
2009-09-06 Thomas LeonardRelease 0.42
2009-08-31 Thomas LeonardFixed typo in log format string
2009-08-31 Thomas LeonardAlways run the built-in copy of the GUI
2009-08-31 Thomas LeonardThe GUI trust box now displays information from the...
2009-08-31 Thomas LeonardConverted GUI handler to use new key confirmation interface
2009-08-30 Anders F BjorklundAllow multiple versions of each distribution package
2009-08-07 Rene LopezFixed .ui files requiring gtk 2.16 instead of 2.12
2009-08-05 Thomas LeonardUpdated tooltip.
2009-08-05 Rene LopezReplaced Glade with GtkBuilder
2009-08-02 Rene LopezRemoved use gtk.FileSelection in favour of gtk.FileChoo...
2009-07-29 Rene LopezMake changes to some strings to improve the i18n
2009-07-19 Thomas LeonardMark trust messages as translatable
2009-07-19 Thomas LeonardAllow user to skip key lookup
2009-07-19 Thomas LeonardRecord errors looking up keys
2009-07-19 Thomas LeonardUpdated unit-tests
2009-07-19 Thomas LeonardReport errors before starting new task
2009-07-19 Thomas LeonardCache key information
2009-07-19 Thomas LeonardQueue key confirmation prompts
2009-07-19 Thomas LeonardConnect to a key-server to lookup trust hints
2009-07-19 Thomas LeonardAdded Handler.confirm_keys to replace confirm_trust_keys
2009-07-19 Thomas LeonardAllow https downloads
2009-07-19 Thomas LeonardEnsure tempfile is None when a download is unmodified
2009-07-19 Thomas LeonardHandle KeyboardInterrupt exceptions correctly
2009-07-18 Thomas LeonardIf unpacking fails, report stderr from unpacker child...
2009-07-18 Rene LopezFixed rating menu not showing localized strings
2009-07-12 Thomas LeonardFixed license output from the GUI
2009-07-12 Thomas LeonardMerge branch 'i18n'
2009-07-12 Thomas LeonardImport _ into each module rather than using a builtin
2009-07-12 Thomas LeonardDon't install N_() in the builtin namespace
2009-07-12 Thomas LeonardMoved locale setting out of the library
2009-07-12 Rene LopezMarked and modifed strings for i18n
2009-06-30 Anders F BjorklundWrong variable used for issue file
2009-06-30 Anders F BjorklundUpdate swedish translations
2009-06-30 Anders F BjorklundMake more strings translatable
2009-06-30 Anders F BjorklundUse localized timestamp display
2009-06-30 Thomas LeonardMerge security fixes from 0.41.1
2009-06-28 Thomas LeonardEnsure that $HOME is reset by sudo
2009-06-28 Thomas LeonardWhen using "0store copy", make copied directories read...
2009-06-28 Thomas LeonardSecurity fix: hard-code /var/cache/
2009-06-28 Thomas LeonardTry to update an icon if the user presses "Refresh"
2009-06-28 frank.richter... Support specification of a modification date when downl...
2009-06-27 Thomas LeonardStart development series 0.41-post
2009-06-27 Thomas LeonardRelease 0.41
2009-06-27 Thomas LeonardImproved UI for versions menu
2009-06-27 Thomas Leonard"Compile" is now a sub-menu with Automatic and Manual...
2009-06-21 Thomas LeonardMoved to gtkui
2009-06-20 Thomas LeonardNew key for Ilja Honkonen
2009-06-20 Thomas LeonardFixed reporting of bad network use config setting
2009-06-16 Thomas LeonardWhen there are no valid signatures, say which feed...
2009-06-13 Rene LopezRemoved errors in .desktop files in es locale strings
2009-06-09 Thomas LeonardEscape < characters in error messages to notifier
2009-06-09 Thomas LeonardInclude full stack trace for unexpected errors during...
2009-06-09 Thomas LeonardFixed error with --main=/
2009-06-04 Rene LopezAdded spanish translated strings to .desktop and .direc...
2009-05-31 Thomas LeonardAdded new GPG key for Thomas Leonard
2009-05-25 Thomas LeonardDisplay a warning icon in the trust box for unknown...
2009-05-09 Thomas LeonardDon't rely on filesystem's report of symlink length
2009-04-19 Thomas LeonardStart development series 0.40-post
2009-04-19 Thomas LeonardRelease 0.40
2009-04-18 Thomas LeonardAdded --with-store option
2009-04-12 Thomas LeonardFix download problem on FreeBSD
2009-04-12 Thomas LeonardAdded VersionRestriction to force a particular version
2009-04-11 Thomas LeonardMinor epydoc fixes.
2009-03-30 Rafał MużyłoFix Python 2.6 deprecation warning
2009-03-29 Thomas LeonardRemoved used of deprecated os.open2
2009-03-21 Thomas Leonard--get-selections with --console didn't work if we neede...
2009-03-21 Thomas LeonardSend console trust prompt to stderr, not stdout
2009-03-08 Thomas LeonardStart development series 0.39-post
2009-03-08 Thomas LeonardRelease 0.39
2009-03-08 Thomas LeonardInclude .mo translation files in releases
2009-03-08 Thomas LeonardWith --systray, just blink the icon if key confirmation...
2009-03-08 Thomas LeonardIf we need to confirm keys in a background check, use...
2009-03-08 Thomas LeonardDon't assume D-BUS is missing just because we can't...
2009-03-01 Thomas LeonardCreate .mo files during build, not install
2009-03-01 Thomas LeonardIf the notification system doesn't support actions...
2009-03-01 Thomas LeonardAdded --systray option to the GUI
2009-03-01 Thomas LeonardDon't try the mirror for "localhost" URLs
2009-03-01 Thomas LeonardMinimum Python version is now 2.5
2009-02-22 Thomas LeonardUpdate year to 2009 in various places
2009-02-15 Thomas LeonardMore detailed bug reports about why no version could...
2009-02-08 Thomas LeonardDisable root checks when running on Windows
2009-02-08 Thomas LeonardUse Socket.recv to fetch downloads
2009-02-08 Thomas LeonardGet GPG to send output to stdout
2009-02-03 Thomas LeonardDon't corrupt downloads on Windows
2009-02-01 Thomas LeonardFixed location of locale directory
2009-01-31 Anders F Bjorklundadd update-po and check-po
2009-01-31 Anders F Bjorklundadd clean make target
2009-01-31 Anders F Bjorklundcheck if locale directory exists first
2009-01-28 Anders F BjorklundTranslate some more strings
2009-01-28 Anders F BjorklundUpdate swedish translations
2009-01-28 Anders F BjorklundMake more strings translatable
2009-01-28 Anders F BjorklundUse working gettext _()
2009-01-28 Anders F BjorklundUpdate translations, with the fixed makefile