2008-11-04 Mark SeabornCatch cyclic dependency graphs and give a nice error... master
2008-11-03 Mark SeabornSmall simplification
2008-11-03 Mark SeabornHandle rewrites when serialising selections to XML...
2008-11-03 Mark SeabornRefactor tests to use the Selections object instead...
2008-11-03 Mark SeabornFactor out some common code in the tests
2008-11-02 Mark SeabornMemoize _get_implementation_path2 to avoid taking expon...
2008-11-02 Mark SeabornFix handling of more complex dependencies
2008-11-02 Mark SeabornFix rewrites in binary data: avoid Unicode strings
2008-11-02 Mark SeabornUse fixed-length filenames when rewriting filenames
2008-11-02 Mark SeabornAdd support for self-rewrites: <rewrite> not inside...
2008-11-02 Mark SeabornImplement <rewrite> element for doing substitutions...
2008-11-02 Mark SeabornUnify's two execution paths, for Policy and...
2008-11-02 Mark SeabornAdd test for setting self-referencing environment variables
2008-11-02 Mark SeabornAdd explicit environ arguments to functions in run...
2008-11-02 Mark SeabornAdd test with an example of a feed with a dependency
2008-11-02 Mark SeabornRequire tests to declare whether they change os.environ
2008-11-02 Mark SeabornExtend test to generate the tar file it uses
2008-10-29 Mark SeabornSwitch off unittest verbosity
2008-10-28 Mark SeabornAdd an almost end-to-end test which checks the output...
2008-10-28 Mark SeabornRename duplicate-named test
2008-10-23 Mark SeabornTidy: remove some dead test code
2008-10-23 Mark SeabornTwo small simplifications
2008-10-23 Mark SeabornTidy: remove unused imports
2008-10-23 Mark SeabornIf http_proxy is set it can cause the download tests...
2008-09-29 Thomas LeonardIncrease delay before checking for updates
2008-09-24 Thomas LeonardAllow changing the stability rating of implementations...
2008-09-22 Thomas LeonardDon't filter out feeds with no machine type when lookin...
2008-09-22 Thomas LeonardDon't treat "src" as an architecture group
2008-09-21 frank.richter... "Manage feeds" dialog: limit size of icons displayed...
2008-09-21 frank.richter... zeroinstall.injector.gpg.load_keys(): Use the primary...
2008-09-14 Thomas LeonardFixed last-check-attempt time-stamp code
2008-09-06 Thomas LeonardStart development series 0.36-post
2008-09-06 Thomas LeonardRelease 0.36
2008-09-05 Thomas LeonardAdded Frank Richter's key
2008-09-04 Thomas LeonardReintroduce download hack for Windows
2008-09-04 Thomas LeonardLess CPU-intensive downloads
2008-09-04 Thomas LeonardUpdate the display less frequently while downloading
2008-09-04 Thomas LeonardReject URIs without a path component (e.g. host)
2008-09-04 Thomas LeonardDon't assume an RPM-based distribution just because...
2008-08-25 Thomas LeonardReject obvious attempts to drag archives to 0desktop
2008-08-23 Thomas LeonardRecord architecture for Debian packages
2008-08-17 Thomas LeonardUse subprocess to unpack archives.
2008-08-17 Thomas LeonardDon't use fork() for downloads; Windows doesn't support it
2008-08-16 Thomas LeonardCache viewer's Close button now works.
2008-08-16 Thomas LeonardStart development series 0.35-post
2008-08-16 Thomas LeonardRelease 0.35
2008-08-16 Thomas LeonardInclude when installing with
2008-08-13 Thomas LeonardUpdated epydoc introduction
2008-08-10 Thomas LeonardAllow file:///path feed URIs.
2008-08-07 Thomas LeonardLog a useful warning if a user_overrides file gets...
2008-07-30 Thomas LeonardCope with os.uname not existing.
2008-07-30 Thomas LeonardUse subprocess instead of fork when running gpg.
2008-07-30 Thomas LeonardRemoved a load of unused imports.
2008-07-30 Thomas LeonardFixed some epydoc comments.
2008-07-07 Thomas LeonardOnly try to download each icon once
2008-07-06 Thomas LeonardAdded <overlay/> support to model
2008-07-06 Thomas LeonardImproved multi-arch tests
2008-07-05 Thomas LeonardDon't create .desktop filenames with spaces; xdg-deskto...
2008-07-05 Thomas LeonardAdded support for multi-arch
2008-07-05 Thomas LeonardFixed epydoc comment in Solver
2008-07-05 Thomas LeonardAdded --cpu and --os arguments to 0launch
2008-06-20 Thomas LeonardCacheExplorer now takes the iface_cache as an input
2008-06-20 Thomas LeonardAdded "Show Cache" button to "0desktop --manage" window.
2008-06-20 Thomas LeonardAdded "0store manage" command to show the GTK cache...
2008-06-20 Thomas LeonardMoved CacheExplorer to zeroinstall.gtkui.
2008-06-20 Thomas LeonardMoved help_box to zeroinstall.gtkui.
2008-06-20 Thomas LeonardMoved some useful GUI code into zeroinstall.gtkui.gtkutils.
2008-06-18 Thomas LeonardStart development series 0.34-post
2008-06-18 Thomas LeonardRelease 0.34
2008-06-18 Thomas LeonardDefault algorithm for "0store manifest" is now sha1new.
2008-06-18 Thomas LeonardRemoved use of deprecated "sets" module.
2008-06-18 Thomas LeonardAdded Selections.download_missing
2008-06-18 Thomas LeonardFind help for ROX applications automatically
2008-06-18 Thomas LeonardAdded tooltips for the action buttons in the 0desktop...
2008-06-18 Thomas LeonardDocumented and cleaned TreeTips API.
2008-06-18 Thomas LeonardMoved treetips into zeroinstall.gtkui.
2008-06-18 Thomas LeonardSplit AppList out from AppListBox
2008-06-17 Thomas LeonardWhen running with --set-selections, download any missin...
2008-06-17 Thomas LeonardChanged menu to simply "Manage Programs".
2008-06-17 Thomas LeonardChanged 0desktop window title to "Add Zero Install...
2008-06-17 Thomas LeonardUse a default icon if the app doesn't have one
2008-06-17 Thomas LeonardRenamed 0desktop's .desktop file.
2008-06-17 Thomas LeonardAdded more documentation to the Implementation class...
2008-06-17 Thomas LeonardThe buttons in the 0desktop management UI now work.
2008-06-17 Thomas LeonardOnly highlight the action the pointer is actually over.
2008-06-17 Thomas LeonardRender some action buttons in the 0desktop list
2008-06-16 Thomas LeonardAdded "0desktop --manage".
2008-06-16 Thomas LeonardAdded 0desktop command for desktop integration.
2008-06-16 Thomas LeonardGave Zero Install its own submenu in Applications.
2008-06-14 Thomas LeonardUse "Component" instead of "Interface" in the main...
2008-06-08 Thomas LeonardCope with locales when finding man-pages
2008-06-07 Thomas LeonardReplaced the Cached column with a Fetch one
2008-06-07 Thomas LeonardDon't try a mirror if the download failed because the...
2008-05-24 Thomas LeonardMoved coding line nearer to the top.
2008-05-18 Thomas LeonardAdded some missing copyright headers.
2008-05-18 Thomas LeonardAdded a link button in the bug report dialog to existin...
2008-05-18 Thomas LeonardUpdated get_details to use subprocess module.
2008-05-17 Thomas LeonardReplaced "Interface Properties" button with a menu...
2008-05-11 Thomas LeonardDon't abort on https or other unknown download URL...
2008-05-04 Thomas LeonardStart development series 0.33-post