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descriptionBranch of Zero-Install to support filename substitution
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last changeTue, 4 Nov 2008 19:28:22 +0000 (4 19:28 +0000)
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2008-11-04 Mark SeabornCatch cyclic dependency graphs and give a nice error... master
2008-11-03 Mark SeabornSmall simplification
2008-11-03 Mark SeabornHandle rewrites when serialising selections to XML...
2008-11-03 Mark SeabornRefactor tests to use the Selections object instead...
2008-11-03 Mark SeabornFactor out some common code in the tests
2008-11-02 Mark SeabornMemoize _get_implementation_path2 to avoid taking expon...
2008-11-02 Mark SeabornFix handling of more complex dependencies
2008-11-02 Mark SeabornFix rewrites in binary data: avoid Unicode strings
2008-11-02 Mark SeabornUse fixed-length filenames when rewriting filenames
2008-11-02 Mark SeabornAdd support for self-rewrites: <rewrite> not inside...
2008-11-02 Mark SeabornImplement <rewrite> element for doing substitutions...
2008-11-02 Mark SeabornUnify's two execution paths, for Policy and...
2008-11-02 Mark SeabornAdd test for setting self-referencing environment variables
2008-11-02 Mark SeabornAdd explicit environ arguments to functions in run...
2008-11-02 Mark SeabornAdd test with an example of a feed with a dependency
2008-11-02 Mark SeabornRequire tests to declare whether they change os.environ
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