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last changeSat, 20 Aug 2011 16:30:18 +0000 (20 18:30 +0200)
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2011-08-20 Tim DielsRefactored code as required for the new 0publishmaster
2011-08-20 Tim DielsAdded <unpack/> step for <recipe>
2011-06-25 Daniel TschanGUI performance (XXX)
2011-06-25 gfxmonkAdd an include_packages flag to Selections.download_missing
2011-06-25 Thomas LeonardFixed test for empty list of implementation dirs config...
2011-06-25 Bastian EicherAggregate implementation-dirs config files from multipl...
2011-06-18 Thomas LeonardAllow specifying the interface in add-feed
2011-06-13 Thomas LeonardAdded '0install digest' command
2011-06-13 Tim DielsEnvironment binding: added separator attribute
2011-06-13 Thomas LeonardCheck indentation when testing
2011-06-03 Tim DielsForgot to add xml of generate implementation id test
2011-06-03 Tim DielsAdded generate_sizes test
2011-06-03 Tim DielsUsed load_feed in missing impl id test instead of...
2011-06-03 Tim DielsAdded ability to generate archive sizes on Feed creation
2011-06-02 Tim DielsFixed small id=None issue
2011-06-02 Tim DielsAdded implementation_id_alg param to load_feed
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