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descriptionOnly the Solver part of the code for use as a backend
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last changeWed, 29 Aug 2012 19:29:45 +0000 (29 21:29 +0200)
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2012-08-29 Bastian EicherMerged changes from mastermaster
2012-08-29 Thomas LeonardMore diagnostics to track down intermittent test failure
2012-08-29 Thomas LeonardFixed use of raw_input with Python 3
2012-08-29 Thomas LeonardFixed batching of PackageKit requests
2012-08-28 Thomas LeonardFixed deprecation warning in GUI
2012-08-27 Thomas LeonardAdded test for downloading icons
2012-08-27 Thomas LeonardAdded deprecation warnings to remaining uses of get_dep...
2012-08-27 Thomas LeonardFixed use of '-' in the man-page
2012-08-27 Thomas LeonardOnly install runenv.cli.template on NT systems
2012-08-27 Thomas LeonardStart development series 1.11-post
2012-08-27 Thomas LeonardRelease 1.11
2012-08-27 Thomas LeonardUpdated "0desktop -m" for Python/GTK 3
2012-08-27 Thomas LeonardUpdated 0desktop for GTK 3
2012-08-26 Thomas LeonardImplemented installation-time fixup for Fedora and...
2012-08-26 Thomas LeonardAdded some more PackageKit debugging
2012-08-26 Thomas LeonardFixed bug where PackageKit downloaded the wrong archite...
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